What I'm loving RIGHT now..

I will admit. I've discovered a new little [very fun] problem.  Online shopping.  I usually don't spend too much cause I've found some MAJOR deals.. and in the process I've opened the mailbox to find some very fun things.. that I am seriously LOVING.

So here is what I am loving right now...

My birds nest mother necklace.  Mine is just simple with one little pearl.  But I had one made for my mom that has three little beads... one for my sister, one for me and one for Grace.  This is my first mothers necklace of my very own.  And it is perfect.
My phone case.  When I first moved to the south I noticed everyone puts these monogram decals on their car.  I was like what the heck... WHY is that a trend?!  And now... I have a monogram on my phone case.. as well as...
My license plate on my car.  I can't help it y'all.  I'm totally on board with this trend.  I picked out the colors and the design for both my phone case and my license plate.  And in the process.. I am totally repping my football team.  Guess who?!
My address stamp.  My best friend from back home sent me the cutest thank you note earlier this year with a personalized return address stamp.  I had just ran out of address labels.. and immediately decided that I wanted a stamp.  This one popped up in my inbox as the steal of the day for one of my websites.. and so I finally fulfilled my wish.. and I love how easy it is to use.. not to mention I'm a sucker for cute looking mail.
My new pots and pans.  Okay, okay... so I didn't buy these off the internet.  My parents gifted me these for graduating from college. Let me tell you folks.. we desperately needed these.  The old ones were a mess.. and these.. make cooking fun.  Did I just say that?!  Although I will admit.. I'm almost afraid I'm going to ruin them.  But slowly I am getting over that fear.

What are YOU loving right now?!

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  1. Love it all! I want/need new pots and pans sooo bad.

  2. Online shopping is my favorite thing!!! Especially target.com. They had sandals in the store that I loved but didn't want to pay the price and online they were half off haha. I bought 3 pair!

  3. That birds nest necklace is awesome.

  4. Online shopping can be very dangerous for me. So I tend to stay away from it if I can :) I love getting new pots and pan, even though I hate cooking. Strange, I know. :) I love the stamp! I want one!!!!