The Weekend: From Nothing to Something.

Last week my mom asked me.. "so what do you guys have going on this weekend?"  My response was.. "nothing-short of a get together Friday evening."

And here it is Monday, a day late on posting.. and I am tired.  Oh so tired.


Because our weekend was JAM packed.  Much to my surprise.

Friday was pretty much a HUGE deal.  It was my first evening out without the baby AND my husband since little miss made her debut.  Which I was excited, maybe a bit guilty and above all else - ready.

A little over a year ago, my cousin (who at the time was in the Navy, stationed here at Fort Gordon) and I created a military spouse page on Facebook with the sole purpose of organizing get togethers for local spouses.  I personally have met some great people and Friday was another successful Gordon Gals evening.

My friend Rachel hosted a Murder Mystery Party for the group.  Thirteen lovely military spouses came out to get into character.  I've never been to one of these parties.. and it was super fun.  But I had a horrible time staying in my character as a medium.  Regardless, it was great.  (Rachel found her scripts on the internet and tweaked them just a bit.. she did awesome!)

Saturday came with no real plans... which turned into another impromptu rib smoking session with some friends by about noon.  Abby and Nick came over for ribs, macaroni and cheese and chips (becoming a specialty!).. and after that we decided to go to the rodeo half an hour up the road. HELLO-Summer Bucket List-Check mark.

The rodeo itself was kind of disappointing.  As in - half the riders didn't even qualify because more than likely it was their absolute first time in the ring.  You gotta start somewhere though.  And Abby had never even been to the rodeo (which we will forgive her, because she is from the Boston area... where apparently they don't do rodeos..), so it was fun to show her the ropes.  Literally.  Haha.

After a fun car ride, we got ice cream and called it a night.  A perfectly random, fun night.
Sunday we had a list of chores to do - mowing for Rob, grocery store for me, Master's degree homework for Rob, laundry for me.  So Grace and I hit up the store while Rob mowed.  After lunch, I picked up the house, Grace napped and Rob did homework.

Then we had more company, in the form of Grace's great-grandparents.  They brought over chicken, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and rice.  We fired up the grill for some BBQ chicken and watched the crazy USA soccer game.  (Crazy.. did anyone else see it?!)
Needless to say.. it was an exhausting, fun weekend in our neck of the woods.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!

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  1. the unplanned weekends are always the best.... and that game!!! UGGGH! I was so mad.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Those seem to be the best, the ones that just happen and everything falls into place!

  3. Sarah over at Sew Raising Arrows is also at Gordon. Have you met her?

    1. I have met Sarah! We have hung out a few times!