Seven Months.

You are officially closer to a year than a newborn.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Everyday you learn something new and I enjoy you discovering... but I already miss you being so small and needing mama so much.

Your quirks this month...

.You still wear size 3 diapers.. but we switched to the cheaper Huggies (Snug'n'Dry versus Little Snuggler).

.You are wearing size 6 in clothing.  Some of the onesies are still a little big... but your 6 to 9 month sleepers are on the edge of not working.  You are so so long.

.You are roughly 18 pounds.  Up about a pound.  According to daddy standing on the scale with you.

.You rode in the shopping cart seat for the first time this month.

.You went to your first baseball game.. the Greenjackets.  You were such a happy camper the whole night.

.You started sitting on your own with no pillows needed.. although momma still keeps the nursing pillow around you to cushion your fall.

.You put together the syllables "mama".  You tend to say it while whining though.. you also say "baba".

.You enjoy throwing toys.  You like to kick Sven your moose out of your carseat at any possible time.

.You are constantly babbling or making noises.

.You love bananas and apples.  Still not a fan of veggies, but we graduated to sitter foods and you don't mind veggies hidden with your fruit.

.Your sleep schedule is still a bit rough.  You get up several times in the night.

.You are still sleeping in your pack and play in mom and dad's room.  Not sure if you will ever leave our room while we are living in this house.

.You started rolling to get places ON your 7 month-iversary.

.You thrive on your bedtime routine... you eat around 7:30. Then you get a bath, fresh sleeper, a book read to you.. then it is off to nurse and lay down.  If it gets mixed up, you aren't happy.

.You love other babies.  You talk to them, touch them, stare at them.

.You have no stranger danger.  You will smile at anyone and if they put their hands out, you will go.

.You are ticklish on your thighs and your belly laugh is the greatest thing. Ever.

You are growing by leaps and bounds.  The cutest thing I ever did see, and I am so not that biased.  I love being your mama.. it is the greatest adventure I've ever embarked on.

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  1. She is so adorable! Time is flying by. :)

  2. 7 months!? No way.
    She is adorable.

  3. Happy 7 months, sweet girl! Evelyn will smile at just about anybody too. She loves distracting people behind us in church!

  4. How cute is she?? She is gorgeous, and this might be sad to admit, but I'm super jealous of her luscious eyebrows and eyelashes. Haha