Just call me mom.

Yesterday morning started off a wee bit different than most mornings.. since we co-sleep after 6 am (she gets up to nurse...), I'm used to waking up to feet in my ribs as my child has rotated so her head is with her daddy and her feet are nestled in my ribs just like they were for months in the womb.  Yesterday though?  I woke up with my sweet girl pressed up next to me, sharing a pillow.

I took a few minutes to watch her long eyelashes and fluffy hair, smell her milky breath and listen as she breathed deeply in and out.

I am 8 months into this being a mom thing, and I've never been more certain that this is the gig for me.  Being Grace's mom is what I was meant to do.  I just love being her mom.

I love being her mom...
...because I can calm her when others can't.
...when I am told how well behaved she is.
...when I hear her belly laugh over something so silly.
...because of the calluses on my hand from lugging her carseat here and there.
...when random strangers wish me a happy mother's day (because it sticks with you for many months!).
...when she reaches out to me.
...because of the arm muscles I literally never had before cradling my sweet girl day in and day out.
...when people tell me how beautiful she is.
...when I hear her say mama in her sweet baby babble.
...when someone tells me that motherhood suits me.
...just to name a few.

I am lucky to be a mom and I am the luckiest to be Grace's mom.  Period, end of story.

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  1. I love this! You are an amazing Mom and it definitely does suit you. :)

  2. Okay so this kiiiiinda makes me want a kid of my own. Super sweet! But for the record...still no babies in our future.