That will do.

I'm loving the leisurely pace life has all of a sudden taken on. Some days are spent doing a whole lot of nothing... other days? We are busy running from thing to thing.

And I'm seriously just fine with that.

I'm also loving our make shift baby gate I came up with.. little miss has knocked over the dog bowls, gotten super close to eating dog food (what kid with a dog hasn't?) and is constantly making a break for the off limits area in our house. Kind of makes me hate our open floor plan because a 6 foot doorway does not get closed off with a cheap baby gate. Thank heavens for our 6 foot folding table. That sucker works.. for now at least.

Constantly up in her brother's business... oh and "baby gate" in the back!

While on the topic of a mobile baby.. I'm not sure I'm ready. Girl is already crazy independent.. throw in mobility and before I know it.. I'm just a boob.

Which is why I have baby fever. She's not a needy baby anymore. If I didn't have to be pregnant for 9 months again, I'd probably actively entertain the idea of bringing another person into this world.

Thank goodness pregnancy sucks.

Oh and in case Grace wanted to confirm that we are not yet ready for another child... we made our first visit to the ER yesterday.  Monday evening our girl pulled a TV tray down on her head.  She cried for like 30 seconds and then was fine.. had a little bump.  But puked a few times before bed.  Of course I was up most of the night creeping.  Yesterday she woke up just fine, but then puked again... so I decided better be safe than sorry, so we made our first visit.  The doctor said we made the right call, but that she was checking out okay.  Just to watch for further symptoms... otherwise, she's healthy and causing major stress in this momma's life.

Speaking of major stress... anyone see that Royals game last night?!  I'm a Kansas City girl through and through.  So the last 48 hours have been a-maz-ing!  If you follow me on Twitter you have probably seen about a dozen or more tweets (a week) about my precious Chiefs.. but last night it was great to see another KC team do our city right.  This October is going to be a BLUE one!!

And THIS happened... Louder than a jet plane.

I'm so ready for this month.. Bring. It. On.

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  1. Not every pregnancy is the same!! I was great with Nora and sick all the time with Annika lol, if it had been the other way around, I probably would have waited longer to try for a second baby lol. I have major baby fever right now too, but it's hard convincing Paul that we need a third baby haha.

  2. I loved being pregnant despite being sick. I'm weird. That game was intense!!!! I'm glad little Miss is okay, ER visits are never fun.

  3. I am so glad that she is okay!

  4. Glad to hear she is ok :) I hated being pregnant, but hated it more the second time around. It's hard when they don't need us as much anymore, isn't it?

  5. I would have freaked if she hit her head and was puking! You totally made the right call watching her and then getting her checked out, but that is why I shouldn't have kids lol. I would have rushed her to the ER for no reason. Glad she's just fine!