Random musings.

Let's randomly chit-chat today, shall we?

-I am wanting some fresh ink.  I've got 3 tattoos now, 2 fresh ideas and 1 tattoo edit I'd like to tackle someday.  Someday soon I hope!

-Can't recall the last time I was obsessed with a show like I am with Gossip Girl. I'm mad Chuck and Blair aren't still an item... almost stopped watching mad.  But I keep watching.. because I imagine myself like I am a New York socialite.  (Yep, I get lost in TV shows.  I'm that person.) (Also I know I am approximately five billion years late for this... thanks Netflix for helping to catch me up!)

-I have a sinus infection.  It sucks balls.  On the bright side, it is not contagious.. I just sound like a man and tire much faster than normal.

-Piston has been driving me INsane.  Ever since Rob was gone for a week he has been the highest of high maintenance (he has always been high maintenance, but this is a whole other level..).  Today I finally tackled a to do list project.. that will hopefully save my sanity and his.  I taped up tissue paper in the windows around our door.  He can't see out.  He will hopefully knock it off with the barking. AT EVERYTHING.

-A few weeks ago was the official kickoff event for the spouses club here on Fort Gordon.  I was a busy busy bee planning for that event.  Now that it is done, I get to take a break from spouse club happenings, for the most part.  I'm still in charge of 2 positions within the club, so I stay busy.  Busy enough to almost make me not feel like a stay-at-home mom.

-I started redoing our master bedroom.  Finally.  Which involved cleaning beneath the bed... gross. 'Nuff said.  But seriously though, I've got like 1/4th of the room done.  Baby steps.

-We have been really good at eating at home lately.  I'm proud of us.  Usually we cheat on the meal plan because we get bored.  Not this time... I have even tried some new recipes!

-My daughter refuses to wear shoes.  It is starting to bother me.. simply because sometimes the shoes make the outfit.  But no...... she don't need no stinking shoes.  Just like her mama.

-I am so glad football is back.  I am hands down hoping though that the first week was not a preview of the whole season because the Chiefs (my team) lost, the Cowboys (Rob's team) lost and all 3 of Rob's fantasy teams lost.  Not a happy football day in our house.

-I'm beyond anxious for fall.  Stupid Georgia and its stupid hot weather.

-Here is a cute Grace picture for your viewing pleasure...

With that I am going to go drug myself and hit the hay.  Tomorrow I will wake with a non-sore throat... **fingers crossed** !!!!

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  1. You've got a lot going on in this little post!! I want to watch Gossip Girl too...but there's too many dang shows on Netflix I NEED to watch too.

  2. Aw, I love that photo of Grace - she's sporting my favorite team! :)

  3. I'm going to break your heart, but Georgia doesn't really get fall. It does cool off, but October / November through March has the same weather.

  4. I I want a tattoo but am scared to get it lol. I just need to buck up and do it.
    I started watching GG but took a break bc we have too many shows we watch as a couple. I'm rarely home and when I am, my husband is usually home so we watch one of our shows but when he deploys, I'll be all over Gossip Girl

  5. what are you thinking about getting?

    I watched GG while Kev was in grad school and it consumed me. I never wanted to be elite more than I did while watching that show!

  6. Hope you're feeling better! And that is an awesome idea to put tissue paper up so the dog can't see out! We have a barker too.

  7. I hope you feel better!

    Really cute photo.