Our family has lived here in Georgia for just over two years now.

But it took Rob going TDY for a week for me to feel like Georgia is home.

Don't get me wrong, Kansas will forever be my home.  But here, in the dirty dirty south, in this hot, humid, bug infested stated.. I have found a new sort of home.

This new sort of home has friends.  True, real life friends.  Friends that will come help when the car is dead in the garage.  They will load their three children up, including their newborn and come help out.  They will poke fun at you for the dead battery that you can't deal with.  Ultimately they will help get your car running again, and even though the battery eventually had to be replaced.. they were there when I needed them.

This new sort of home has familiar faces all over.  Those two mamas eating lunch a couple of tables away?  You may know them.  That truck that crossed the railroad tracks at the same time as you going the opposite way?  It may be your husbands best friend.  (And you may not realize it is him because his windows are tinted and his truck isn't exactly a stand out (sorry Nick!).. but he honks his horn at you as a hello.)

This new sort of home has people willing to help out when called upon.  Lucky for me, Rob has a buddy that owns a lawn care company and was willing to come tackle the jungle that was our yard.  Lucky for Rob, he was able to come out a couple of days after being asked.. so he didn't hear it from me for conveniently running out of time before leaving.

This new sort of home has groups and activities I am proud to be apart of.  If you have been here for awhile.. you know I am active in the Fort Gordon Spouses' and Civilian's Club as both the membership chair and the webmaster.  I also created a special Facebook page with my cousin (Gordon Gals) where we organize outings for spouses to get out and meet each other.  I just recently signed Grace up for playgroups on post.  I'm busy in my stay at home mom life.  And busy, is good.

This new sort of home has friends willing and wanting to help with the baby.  Grace has been here 7 months and we have only used a babysitter twice.  Both times though that babysitter was someone I trusted wholeheartedly.  These ladies love my baby... and if you can't have family, it is amazing when you can find someone you trust just the same.

This new sort of home is turning into a good home away from home.  We have friends, even best friends, here.  We have a nice little house we are comfortable in.  We had our first child here.  We have a church we enjoy attending.  And you know what, I am not eager to leave.  Not one little bit.

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  1. I love this!!! It is amazing how a place can really feel like home even after moving so much. :)

  2. Having moved so much as an Air Force brat, I've really to quickly adapt to my new home. I even call a hotel home when we're on vacation. With each move, your new place will become home before you even realize it.

  3. I know that feeling all too well! This time, it started feeling like home after a month or two, but that could be because I'm from down here. I just love the South. I'm glad you have help while he's gone!

  4. That's awesome! I'm so glad things are going so good for you guys in Georgia! That's awesom and an awesome feeling to feel at home.

  5. It sounds like a nice place. I would love to be stationed in Georgia!

  6. I have made some of the best friends moving around to wherever the Navy takes us. People are always willing to help no matter what.