30 Days of Thanks [Week Two]

Another week of thanks brought to you courtesy of these prompts.  So without further ado... 30 days of thanks, military spouse style...

8. Write about how you met your spouse
Rob and I met our senior year of high school.  We had college algebra together.  He was new, and I introduced myself on the first day of school.  He always remembers the fact that I had my nails painted black (it was the trend!) and I shook his hand.  We flirted for a few weeks before a certain someone decided he wasn't really interested and we both got into relationships for the remainder of senior year.  We officially became us after he finished basic training a year and a half later.

9. Times the Military has been there for you
The military was there for me when I moved to Maryland.. away from home for the first time.  Because of the military, I was able to find a group of spouses that helped me through countless situations.  I was at an FRG meeting when I found out my Grandpa had died.  Who was there for me?  The spouses I had grown close to.  I will never ever forget that day and those women that helped prop me up when I got that phone call and the days after.

10. List the 10 best things about being a milspouse
One. The pride you get standing next to your service member. Two. The opportunity to see new places. Three. The built in community.  Four. The military programs offered for free to help support in all ways.  Five. The uniforms.  Six. The class six. ;) Seven. The healthcare.  While sometimes it's hit or miss, it is still provided to us for free. Eight. The friends you meet from all over the nation and world. Nine. Getting to move often and change homes. Ten. Being married to my best friend.

11. Share a blessing that changed your life
My daughter. Hands down.

12. Separation can help you grow
Without a doubt.  Ever heard the saying, "separation makes the heart grow fonder?"  It is true.  100%. Nobody likes being separated from their significant other.  BUT it does provide you with so much more appreciation for that person when you are with them that you may have not otherwise had.

13. Something you made
I made/make a positive change in the Fort Gordon community.  By being active, I can help have a say and ultimately make changes needed to help this community succeed.  I am involved, which makes me happy.  I make my husband look good.  And it provides me with an excuse to be more than just a stay-at-home-mom.

14. Who is part of your “adopted” family?
My local friends.  Nick and Abby - our closest friends.  The ones we meet up with almost every weekend for lunch or dinner.. a game night or a few drinks.  We've never really had the opportunity to have a married couple as good friends of ours.  Where we both get along really well with both the husband and the wife.  And we have been missing out.  It is awesome.  There is also Joe and Heather and their gang - who have helped us, laughed with us and I'm glad to call friends.  Rachel and Dawn - who have been there for me with Grace on countless occasions.  All of my Fort Gordon Spouses' and Civilians' Club friends and my Gordon Gals ladies.  I am very blessed to have a good support system here.. and while it took a while to get to this point.. I would not trade it for the world.

Thursday is the last day to sign up for the Holiday Card Exchange.  So e-mail me your address now!

Here's to another week..

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  1. I love that you embrace this life the way you do. I wish more people did that.

  2. The Class Six, lolz. I've actually never bought anything there. We've always had liquor stores that were closer.

  3. Love this. And I so agree: separation can help you grow for sure.

  4. I miss Fort Gordon. We were only there for 7 months, but it was a great little community!