Holiday Card Exchange, YEAR THREE!

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You all asked... and here it is.  The holiday card exchange!

It is that time of year again... time for holiday cheer to show up in the mailbox [well almost..].  Who doesn't love a little piece of friendly mail mixed in among the bills and the rest of real life?

Joining is simple...

Drop me an e-mail with your name and mailing address no later than November 20th.

I will send out a full list of names and mailing address' no later than November 22nd.  Then your job is to send one card to each of the names on the list [Generally 10 to 15 bloggers... so if you cannot commit to sending a card to each, please refrain from signing up].

So e-mail me NOW at

And share this button too!!
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  1. I'm so excited for this!!! I'll be sending you an email soon. :)


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