Grace's First Halloween.

Well we made it through another holiday.  Another first for my sweet baby girl.  I truly hope the excitement of holidays with my little lady never go away.  Whether it be the first, second, or fifteenth.

So of course we had to do all of the Halloween-ie activities.

We went to the local dairy farm.  Did a corn maze.  Looked at some animals.  Took a spin on a hayride.  Walked through a "pumpkin patch".  This day only would have been better had it not been 90 degrees... and if it had a pick your pumpkin off the vines patch.

Whew, that glasses-hair-heat combo.. not pretty.

Last Wednesday Grace and I went and got pumpkins.  One of the local church's here brings in a large variety every year.. so we stopped in and picked us up two pumpkins for out front.  We will definitely be back next year.

On Thursday we had the brigade trunk or treating on post.  Is it awkward for anyone else to go to work events minus your husband?!  We got through the awkwardness with a little help from our friends who were there.  Thank goodness.

 Ella won second place for her cupcake costume.

Finally on Friday we went trick or treating.  Which really turned into going to see our closest friends here.  Which turned into a night of driving from house to house (only 3! But if you've ever been to Augusta you know it takes for.ever. to get anywhere..) and dinner with my cousin who got in to town Friday evening.  It was a great first Halloween for my baby.. which only could have been better had her Daddy been here.

Selfies with Aunt Shelley!

Grace's Halloween costume had to be described more often than not.. but I'm not offended.  Grace went as Piston for Halloween this year.  Her Daddy picked what he wanted her to be.  And I executed.  Making a brindle colored boxer dog Halloween costume for your 9 month old is tricky.  I ended up fabric painting a onesie and pants.  Buying some ears.  Making a brown and black tutu, that she only wore half of the time.  And I sewed on a camo collar that had a paper dogtag hanging from it.

Piston one and Piston two.

I'm just now getting this post up because Friday was the last time Grace and I left the house... Saturday at 4 am I discovered that Grace was burning up.  So most of Saturday was spent battling a fever.  The verdict is still out on if it is teeth causing her issues or a minor bug.  Regardless Saturday was spent with cuddles.  Sunday was spent with more cuddles (and lots of One Tree Hill!) as I had my allergies flare up as well.  And today, Monday, was spent recovering from Saturday and Sunday.  Luckily we all seem to be on the mend over here, as long as we can nip this diaper rash in the butt.  Oye.. murphy.

Hope YOU ALL had a fabulous Halloween as well!

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