Happy Halloween!

A year ago my Timehop was all.. I can't wait for next year and the fact that I will have a little one to take trick or treating.  Which is funny, because I am not sure why I thought a nine month old would go trick or treating.

The day is finally here... and unfortunately it doesn't look quite like I was expecting.

Rob is gone.  He is TDY this first Halloween for round two of Warrant Officer Candidate School.  He made it past the PT test.. but the fun is, of course, just beginning.

Tonight I will put Grace in her Halloween costume.  Load her into her car seat and take her to three of our closest friend's houses.  My cousin is coming down from South Carolina to spend the evening with us.  And we may or may not hand out candy.

While my love isn't here, I am beyond proud about what he is doing.  If he can't be with us on this day, I want him to be there experiencing success in all of his endeavors.

Happy Halloween friends!

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  1. Happy Halloween!!! She is such a cutie! At least you will be with friends

  2. What a cute baby! Just found your blog through Marathons and Dog Tags (another blog I read). Looking forward to reading more posts!

  3. Yay for him passing the PT test! :) I hope you have a wonderful Halloween.

  4. She is super cute!!! Yea for Rob passing his PT test! Good luck to him through his schooling!!! Glad you had family and friends to spend the evening with!!!

  5. I'm glad he passed, good luck to him on the rest of the journey. And she is absolutely adorable, but this you know!

  6. Hope you had a great Halloween!

  7. Congrats to Rob! And good luck to him through the rest of this journey! She is so cute! Glad y'all were able to spend Halloween with friends.