Ten Months.

Ten months, and what a bundle of fun you are... I wouldn't trade you. That's for sure. ;)

Your quirks this month...

.You are still in size 3 diapers.. your growing as a whole has tapered off some.

.You are still wearing most 6 to 9 month with some 9 month outfits in the drawers.  12 months sleepers and pants too.. because you are long, that's why.

.You went to your first parade... for Veterans Day.  You were unsure of the loud noises, but liked the steady stream of traffic in front of you.

.You started pulling up on EVERYTHING.  Any time a surface is at just the right height you pull yourself up and unload whatever is there.

.You had your first month as an Army child, without your daddy.  He was away for training this month.  Luckily you like your momma just a little bit.

.You started helping when it comes to putting your arms through the sleeves when it's time to get dressed.

.You learned to turn the pages in a book this month as well.  You LOVE reading and flipping through books.

.You still sleep best with mommy and daddy.  Your sleep pattern was pretty consistent this month with daddy being gone.  2, sometimes 3, naps a day.  Down by 9, 10 at the latest.

.You nurse at night, in the morning and at nap times.. and need to nurse when going to sleep.

.You are very independent and know what you want and when you want it.

.You have the best smile and are still super happy, all the time.

I am so blessed to be your mom.. I know this every month.  You are growing up on me way too fast, and time is slipping away.  But I wouldn't trade one moment with you. Ever.

Note, this post was written January 11th and backdated when published.

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