Is this thing on? Rob graduated.

I had these great intentions to do a blog post the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and then Thanksgiving itself and then Sunday... and then I got busy.

Then I went on vacation.

Then Rob officially became a Warrant Officer..

And now?  Now I'm just tired.

But all is well in the land of our house hold.

For Thanksgiving, Grace and I traveled to Greenville, SC.. which is about 2 and a half hours each way from us.  My cousin and her husband live there.. so we were able to join them and her in-laws for the day.  We feasted, Grace was in good spirits and it was nice to have some extra hands.  I'm glad we have family close enough that taking a day trip is not out of the question.

I did miss Kansas this year something fierce.  Back home we would have went west to my grandparents farm.  I think part of missing home was sparked by Rob not being here with us... but it helped having another family member there to reminisce with.

Last Saturday, Piston, Grace and I departed for Fort Rucker.  It's about 5 and a half hours away.  By the time we got there it had taken close to 7.  Which I am okay with.  The important thing is we got there with minimal breakdowns from mommy or baby.  We stayed on post in a 2 bedroom cabin, right on Lake Tholocco.  It was gorgeous, and cheap!  Perfect for our home away from home.

On Sunday we got to see Rob finally!  We spent the whole day with him (well 830 to 430 at least!) running some errands and then relaxing at the cabin.  Rob's grandparents were able to make the trip up from Tampa to be with us too.. so they arrived that morning.  I am so so so thankful they were able to come up.  It was, again, nice to have the extra hands and especially nice to have the company.

Because the holiday was thrown in during Rob's time at WOCS, they were a day behind.  Which meant we didn't get to see him on Monday.  So us girls went shopping.  Rob's grandmother wanted to Christmas shop for the baby... so we accomplished that and then some.

Tuesday we got to see Rob again for his class song.  It is basically a morale booster.  They do a mix up of several classic songs and sing for almost 10 minutes.  It was hilarious.  After, we got to eat lunch with him in the DFAC and I attended a class with him to go over some officer customs and what not.  I'm sure at some point I will have a whole post on my thoughts about this transition from enlisted to officer.  It is kind of nerve-racking.. if I'm being honest.

Rob took his final test on Wednesday after the Victory Run.  We came out and watched them finish their last PT before ringing a bell to signify how close they were to being done.  Just after lunch he joined us with all of his gear for a few hours.

That night was the class reception.  We got to dress up, go through the receiving line, snack on some food and listen to the presentations and speakers.  I wore this awesome dress from EShakti.. and I PROMISE there will be more information on that hitting the blog VERY soon.

Thursday was the day we were waiting on though.  Graduation.  They had it at the U.S. Army Aviation Museum on Fort Rucker.  It was a quick ceremony.  But one of those "couldn't-be-prouder" moments.  They had a guest speaker and did their oaths before they had the pinning ceremony.  I did one side, and Rob's grandfather did the other.

We got back to Augusta Thursday night with our Warrant Officer.  I am so so proud of my husband for completing this.  I know it was not easy for him, but I also know how confident he feels wearing that dot on his chest.  As he should.

HOPEFULLY I will be able to get back into a regular blogging schedule now that there are two extra hands here to help me with my little lady.  But.. don't hold me to it.

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  1. Congratulations to your hubby! :)

  2. Awesome! Congrats to Rob! Your little one is just too dang cute!!!!!

  3. Yay! What a wonderful accomplishment!

  4. You have been quite busy!! Congrats to him, and you as well!

  5. Congrats to Rob! And you were right next to my hometown! Glad y'all had a good visit and trip!

  6. Whoop whoop! It's been months since we went through this, but it feels like yesterday! I also know what you mean about the switch from Enlisted to WO. It's still a transition for me. Oh, and I totally wore an eShakti dress for Will's graduation!!

  7. Congratulations! I'm sure it's so good to have him back home again!

  8. Yay and congrats! I'm glad he's home again.