Happy birthday husband!

It is three days after my birthday, which means my husband has joined me in the world of being 25.

It is the end of another birthday for him, and he has spent the entire day calling it just another day.  But it is not.

He is my husband and it is his birthday and we had cookies after dinner and that is a celebration.

To my amazing husband,
Happy quarter of a century.  We are beyond lucky to have you as a husband and daddy.  We may not always agree perfectly, but I would not choose to go on this adventure called life with anyone else.  I hope you had a good day.. even though it was "just another day".
Love you to the moon and back!

Also, congratulations to my sweet friend Rachel (who is pictured on this blog.. a lot) and her husband on the birth of their daughter this evening!  She picked a pretty great day and I can't wait to meet her!

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  1. I hope he had a wonderful birthday! :)

  2. Happy birthday to him!!! Woohoo for "Cougars" with husbands having the same birthday ;)

  3. Happy birthday to Rob! Wow Grace looks just like him!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to Rob! And wow - I never realized you were a cradle robber! ;-)

  5. Happy birthday to your husband!

  6. Happy Birthday to him and blessings for the baby!