Playing House.

Rocking that bedhead Sunday.

This last weekend was pretty ordinary for our little family.  We celebrated Rob's birthday with dinner at Red Loster on Friday.  Abby, Nick and baby Logan joined us and we laughed throughout the whole evening.  Like many of our outings go.  Saturday was spent running errands.  And Sunday was NASCAR and movies.  A perfectly ordinary weekend doing adult things.

We are both 25 now.. and yet, sometimes I catch myself thinking I'm just playing house.

I'm a stay-at-home mom to Grace.  I'm a wife to Rob.  I'm a fur-mom to Piston.  I cook, clean, do laundry.  I volunteer on base and I'm active in the spouse club.  I go to lunches and book club.  I even blog.

Did I ever think that would be Amanda in a nutshell?  Maybe not necessarily.

I have responsibilities.  A budget (as of this last week).  Bills to be paid.  Maintenance to be kept up on.  A dog and kid that rely on me to keep them fed and hydrated.  Real ADULT responsibilities.

The type of responsibilities I didn't include when I was playing house all those years ago with my sister in the basement of my childhood home.  No. Playing house back then did not include bills or responsibilities.  It was mostly just fun.

It was just like yesterday.  A sunny 75 degree day.  Only one errand to run.  A peaceful napping baby.  A chilled Starbucks drink.  A walk with my husband, dog and baby.  Dinner shared at the table.  Scandal after the sun went down.  Some laughs and giggles in bed before finally a quiet sleeping house.

That is what those childhood days of playing house looked like.

And they make even the responsibilities worth it.

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  1. It really is amazing how life changes when you are older, definitely a far cry from playing house as a child. :)

  2. I am jealous of your 75 degree weather.

  3. I totally get this. I had an aha moment a few yeas back when I figured out that although I thought my parents had it all figured out my whole life, they are still growing and changing as human beings to this day. There is no way in heck they had it all figured out, so we can 'play house', and it's just fine ;)