Hey, it's okay.

I know this is a Tuesday link-up, but IT'S OKAY.

Hey it's okay...

// That I am excited to go to Tampa for the Fourth of July.  We typically go over Thanksgiving to see Rob's grandparents, but this year we are going to see them in the summer, and I expect it to be really hot and lots of fun.

// To leave the "clean master bath" to-do item on the list for a REALLY long time.  Because when you finally do it, it is extra rewarding.  (Anyone else hate with a passion cleaning bathrooms?!)

// That I cut all my hair off.  Ten inches straight gone.  Going for donation round two.  My husband HATES it.  But you know what, when it is straight I am a fan.

// For our mornings to start around 8 again.  Ever since my parents visited over Memorial Day our sleeping schedule has been whack.  I'm talking Grace getting up between 10 and 11 and not going to bed until 11 or 12 at night.  Luckily the past two days we've been up at 8.  Naps have been all around better and bed time has been less of a fight.  Win, win, win.

// That I just finished Friday Night Lights today - and Rob and I finished Orange is the New Black this last weekend.  What's next?  I'm thinking Pretty Little Liars or The Carrie Diaries.

// To bribe my husband.  You get this, if I get this.  I'll do this, if you do that.  It works for us.  Otherwise nothing ever gets done.

// For dread to already be sinking in.  I'm ready to move.  But I already miss our second family here.  We spend every weekend with them and to think we will have to spend weekends on our own again... it's just wrong.

// To be ready for 2 weeks from now, when one of my best friends from back home flies in for the weekend!  Not sure yet what we are going to do, but dang it I'm excited!

// That my blog reader is full, and I can't ever seem to catch up because I am too busy making Shutterfly photo books with free codes, shopping on eShakti or cleaning the house after the baby goes to sleep.

// To be pretty content with life right now.  Which of course means a giant shuffle is coming soon.  But you know what, for a move a little under two months off and a few other big things going on, life is good.

Linking up with Airing My Dirty Laundry a day late and a dollar short.

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  1. What is it with guys and long hair? Kev also hates when I cut mine short, even if it is for a good cause!

  2. I absolutely love your hair and think it turned out amazing. Men are silly lol.

  3. Your hair looks cute! I donate my hair and don't really care (as bad as that sounds) what Mac thinks.

  4. Oh my gosh I love your hair!!! Good decision!!!
    And YES times a million to cleaning the bathrooms! And we have FOUR! Well, 3.5 bathrooms :(
    I started Friday Night Lights about 3 weeks ago. It's my nursing TV show :)

  5. The new hair cut looks amazing! Perfect for summer!

  6. Your hair looks awesome!

    And yes, I hate cleaning bathrooms.

  7. i am 110% a fan of the new hair, pretty mama!! <3

    and I hate cleaning PERIOD. I'm the worst SAHM/W ever lol.

  8. I caught the first episode of FNL again as I was flipping through channels and I'm really wanting to finish watching it!

    Yes, bathroom cleaning is at the very bottom of my things I do because I have to list.

  9. Love the hair! It looks awesome! Cute sunglasses too! :) Have a great weekend!