All things red, white and blue.

"America, to me, is freedom."
Willie Nelson

I have always loved this great country and all that is stands for.  I felt my love grow a little stronger when I married a soldier.  On weekends like this last, the love for my country is shared across the nation and the circumstances of the daily news and what may be trending on Facebook is set aside for a day to come together and celebrate the USA.

And that, is amazing.

Our July 4th weekend was spent in Tampa visiting Rob's grandparents.  They are living up the retired life right on the water.  Since we typically visit over Thanksgiving, this was a special (hot) adventure for us.  But tons of fun, minus the rain.

First off - we were in TLF Lodging and we dubbed it our apartment.. how amazing is this?  A three room place...

We beached.

 We wore lots of red, white and blue while we ate good food and made memories.

 We got down poured on, many times.

We smiled a lot.
Girlfriend looks like her mama in this picture and that may be a first!

And we played games.

I am so glad we were able to get away for the weekend... and while it wiped us all out, it was totally worth it.  Grace gets to have a relationship with her great-grandparents - how many kids can say that these days?!

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  1. awww I so miss being near family! So glad you all got to have a fun filled weekend away!!!

  2. What an awesome weekend, I am so glad you could be with family!

  3. Love all her little 4th of July outfits! Absolutely adorable!

  4. Fun!

    That TLC is awesome. The one at Tinker is awful.

  5. So cute!!!! You were so close to me! Welcome to Florida in July :) when it rains every day at 4pm :) It looks like you guys had a great time!!!!

  6. Aww! You need to frame that picture of the three of you with the backs toward the beach!