Nothing to do, but pack.

Well folks, we've reached the one month out from our move point.

Our last Georgia visitor, one of my best friends from back home, flew in Friday and left today.  We were able to hang out in Atlanta for a while, a city I will truly miss (not the traffic and crazy drivers though - oye!).  We hit up the World of Coca Cola.  Walked through Olympic Park and ate at Hard Rock Cafe before driving back to Augusta.  The rest of the weekend was spent doing a canal boat tour down the Augusta Canal, hitting up the Saturday Market for the best ice cream I've ever had and eating lots of good food.  We also went to the pool for the first time with Grace.  She LOVED it.  We watched movies, stayed up late talking and took lots of pictures.

I'm so glad that Kara was able to make this trip to see us. We have been friends for basically ever and she is one of a few friendships that lasted into our adult life.  We are at completely different places in life, but it doesn't matter - because we just pick up where we left off each and every time.

But now that the guest bedroom is empty, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty.  I'm not really ready for pictures to come down off of the wall and rooms to start being packed up.  But it's time.  We've got a handful of weekends left - already packed with things going on.  Our going away dinner is on the calendar.  Orders are in hand.  So ready or not, let's pack?

What is your best packing tip?!

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  1. ARGH! I hate packing it all up. I'm a procrastinator as well, so I'm sorry, I have no good tips for you... lol Good luck!!!

  2. Packing is my least favorite thing to do, thank goodness for the Army and the movers.

  3. my best packing tip is.. let someone else do it. ;)
    haha what a great time though, I love when my bff visits.

  4. I hate packing, we only did one dity move and never again for a million dollars would i do another. I hopw the packing goes well!

  5. I'm a HUGE procrastinator. We're about a month away from moving as well and everything is still perfectly intact haha My best packing tip would be to stay organized. Label EVERYTHING and make sure everything you need ASAP is together and in one place so you can easily access them when you get to the new house. I hate getting to a new place and having un-labeled boxes haha I don't want to have to open every single box to know what's inside of it. Good luck in your move! :)

  6. The Augusta Canal was the only thing we didn't get to do before we left. If you're going DITY, start early and work every day. If not, sit back and enjoy having packers. :)

  7. Glad you were able to have one last visitor before having to pack! I loved exploring Atlanta when I was younger. Grace is such a cutie!!!!!

  8. Fun!

    I have no packing tips. I just toss everything into a suitcase and hope for the best.