The D word.

The ink on our orders to Fort Campbell has hardly even dried and the D word has already come up.  The one D word all military family members hate to hear...


I knew going into this PCS that a deployment was probably not far off.  Did I think we would already have a time frame and a location?  No - I didn't.

We've done this dance before.  Rob spent a year in Kuwait.  But it was just Piston and I left at home.  This time... our sweet girl will have to experience life without daddy for an extended period of time.

And that?  That breaks my heart.

It is a new kind of dance that will hopefully go a little faster, but will probably be a bit harder to learn.

Luckily this is 2015 and technology has advanced to the point that I will be able to keep a little piece of Rob with Grace wherever she goes.  By using recordable teddy bears and other battery-powered devices such as a recordable storybook, Grace will have the reliable comfort of her daddy no matter where he is.  That is worth a million bucks.

Duracell recently had the honor to meet a military family in California whose young daughter showed them how she was able to have the comfort of her father’s voice during his deployment through a battery-powered recordable teddy bear.  Duracell was so moved by this family, that they made a film inspired by their story.

I'd be surprised if your eyes are dry now...

"Since the war in Afghanistan began in 2001, more than 2 million American children have had a deployed parent. Many of them have seen multiple deployments:  3, 4, or even 5 family separations.

In honor of all of the families who stand beside our troops, Duracell wants to power more comforting moments for loved ones through a donation of $100,000 to USO’s Comfort Crew for Military Kids. Continue the conversation by sharing the film and find out how you can donate to the cause through the USO at"

I know when our time comes to say goodbye to Rob, Grace's teddy bear will be powered with Duracell batteries... because reliability will hold so much power when everything else will be so unknown.

This review was made possible by iConnect and Duracell. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions are 100% mine and Rob is really deploying next year....

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  1. I really wish that we had done something like that for our girls while Paul was away this time. It's definitely a lot more difficult with children than without, and not only is it hard for the kids - we found it's been really hard on Paul too because he's not here to experience everything. Hopefully it won't be a long one (but you guys don't really have short ones down there do you?) and if you need care package ideas - let me know - I love doing care packages and have TONS of suggestions lol.

  2. such a sweet video. We had daddy dolls for our last deployment :)

  3. Awww! I'm sorry that's already coming up! We are all about to PCS and we are all assuming that's going to happen to us. There is a slight chance we will go to Campbell, but we would be attached to a unit that deploys several times/year anyways if we do. We have orders for Bragg, so I'm hoping we go there instead. I want NORMAL life for a little bit. {{HUGS}}

  4. Ugh sorry friend! I know that as soon as Kyle is done here deployments will start happening again and it is sending me into a panic.