Well, we arrived.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that almost a week ago we got the keys to our new place here just outside of Fort Campbell.  By Saturday evening the moving truck was unloaded.  Wish I could say the same for the boxes.  I have had zero motivation to put this house together.  Part of that is we gained a ton of square footage and honestly... our house looks almost empty in some areas.  I'm giving myself credit though because the kitchen is fully done and so is Grace's room.  Rob's man cave can basically be considered done too, because I'm not in charge of that room.  Which leaves the master bedroom, three bathrooms, the spare bedroom, living room and dining room.  No big deal.

Other than not getting unpacked quickly, we have had a chance to get out and about in Clarksville.  So far I am not sure what to think of the area.  It is certainly different than what we left in Georgia.  I'm not sure yet if it is a good different or a bad.  I am excited to get further settled and involved on post.  Until then I will try and stay alive on certain roads that crazy drivers seem to love.  It is yet a different kind of crazy compared to what we had when we were stationed at Fort Meade and different still from Fort Gordon too.

We did have our first visitors this last weekend.  My parents were able to come down for the weekend (because now we live close enough to do that... weekend visits!!!) and help us unload the truck and get some things set up.  It was awesome having the extra hands to help with Grace.  Grandparents don't mind chasing toddlers who are only entertained when undoing whatever you just finished doing.  Both parents enjoyed their time here I think, even though they were put to work and had to sleep on an air mattress.

So that is what is happening in our new neck of the woods.  I think I am going to be buried in boxes for basically ever.  Not to mention we randomly decided to vacation before Rob signs in... so there goes that time too.  I'm not complaining though.. I will take vacation over unpacking ANYY DAYYYY.  Hopefully  the next post up will be the best and worst of Augusta.. I've been working on it for awhile now and want it to kind of be a conclusion to our time at Fort Gordon.  But I can't guarantee when or if that post will go up.

Happy fall y'all!

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  1. Beautiful new house! Glad you guys made it there safe and sound. It's awesome when you can have weekend visitors. Grace is such a cutie!!!! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I love your new house, I am sure you will have many amazing adventures here. :)

  3. What a pretty house! I hope you can get settled in quickly!

  4. Gorgeous new house...! HAHA yeah, now do you fill it all up to then move to a smaller house later...? Oh, the conundrums!! Unpacking is no bueno!!

  5. Pretty house and I hate boxes. Hopefully it all comes together soon!

  6. Adorable house! Congrats!