Real life?

Holy cow y'all - what is real life these days?!?

We went from being in limbo about if we were staying or going, to being in the moving process for a short two weeks, to actually moving, to starting to unpack, to vacation... all in one month.

Life seems so so chaotic.  As we pulled back into the driveway this evening from an amazing week long vacation (more on that later!), I found myself craving routine.  We haven't had one in a month now.  The laundry is piled high.  Some of our belongings are still tucked away in boxes.  Our house is un-decorated.  Life feels unsettled.

I'm not complaining that we've been busy and then had the opportunity for a last minute vacation.  I am DEFINITELY not complaining that we've pretty much had Rob home with us for a month straight... but I crave a very simple routine.  It helps me feel settled.

Is that so wrong?!

Speaking of routine*** our king size memory foam bed has a fresh down comforter and duvet cover on it and my sweet sleeping family.... I'm starting this new routine off with a good nights sleep! ;)

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  1. I crave routine as well, it's nice to go on vacation but it's even better to get home and settled. :)

  2. I always feel a little lost when my routine is messed up, but vacations are AWESOME!