Vacation rocked-Kansas edition.

OKAYYYY---I'm finishing vacation wrap up TODAY.  Ready?! Set, go.

On Wednesday we pulled out of Missouri headed for Kansas and my parents.  Wednesday happened to be my dad's birthday and so for the first time in years we were home to celebrate with him.  After getting into town we did the mad dash to drop stuff off and then meet my mom at her work for lunch.  Of course she had to show Grace off to all her co-workers.. with the parents trailing behind... which I guess happens when you have kids.  You are no longer priority?  Just kidding.  I know without us that sweet girl would not exist..

After lunch we got my car washed on the way to see my best friend and her boy.  He's two months younger than Grace and I wish so badly we lived closer so that I could spend countless hours chit chatting with her and they could spend countless hours playing.  But since that is not happening any time soon we settle for the time we can get.  It is always worth it.

Then it was off to celebrate my dad's birthday at the best Mexican restaurant in town, Jose Peppers.  I could eat the queso everyday and nobody else was complaining about the margaritas.

Thursday we went with Allison and Harrison to the Deanna Rose Petting Zoo.  This was on our Fall bucket list and I am SO glad we got to go when we did.  The weather was great and it was not too terribly crowded.  Considering you can get in for free Monday-Thursday it was absolutely worth it.  We fed ducks and Rob took the kids into the goat pen where I was shocked to see Grace have zero fear and march right up and feed them like they were dogs.  After walking everything we paid the extra few dollars to take the kids on a hay ride... when in Kansas during the fall, right?

We got lunch after and then it was home for naps.  Before heading out again to meet my sweet friends and parents for dinner at Oklahoma Joes.  Another must for us.  (Fun fact, in college we called the fries crack fries because you can't eat just one.)  After a quick catch up, babies started melting down so we called it a day.

Friday was an errand day.  Rob ended up buying a new truck while we were in Kansas City.  So he spent much of the day busy with that.  Grace and I ran some errands and went to the park that I went to growing up.  It is always such a crazy feeling to take your babies to some place you frequented when you were basically a baby yourself.  After spending the evening with my parents we crashed early.

Saturday we woke up and Aunt Erin was in town!  Which Grace LOVED.  We immediately headed out first thing to go to Cider Hill Family Orchard to pick apples and pumpkins.  They were packed.  We hoofed it out to the apple trees and Rob and dad immediately got down to business.  Who knew picking apples was such a serious affair?!  Eventually Grace got into it too and we managed to fill a 16 lb bag full of apples.  The pumpkin picking was next and the selection was certainly interesting.  We decided to just get some gourds and a little pumpkin for Grace.  Then we waited in line basically forever to pay and get some cider slushie and popcorn.  The crowds kind of sucked, but it was an overall fun family outing.

We headed to lunch after and then took off for a great adventure at Ikea.  Rob is SO lucky we don't have one closer to us.  We walked out with $100 in random stuff... but it was all needed, obviously.  We stopped at a few more stores before heading home.  We had dinner in that evening as everyone was super tired.

Sunday we went to Mass.  Which ended up being Rob standing in the back trying to keep an antsy Grace calm.  She did good until we got about halfway through... we are working on it.  After Mass we went home for tacos and cleaning of the house.  We had some company over that evening - our family friends and their three kids, Grace's honorary great-grandparents and another one of my best friends, Kara.  It was a great time catching up, eating a lot and enjoying all the great company.

Unfortunately though, all good things come to an end.  We headed out bright and early Monday for a long journey back home to a relatively new place.  Regardless, I am so so glad we were able to get away and see everyone.  I had not seen my sister since last Christmas, aka the last time we were home.  So it was 100% worth it, worth every minute.

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  1. There is nothing quite like time with family! :) Love the pictures.

  2. How great that you were able to help celebrate your Dad's birthday in-person! :)

  3. Sounds like such a great trip! Family time is the best, and it sounds like you were able to see and do a lot while you were there!