I've typed and re-typed a hundred times the thoughts in my mind... and everything sounds like a bunch of whining or a bunch of "we-haven't-finished-unpacking" nonsense.  So I'm going to keep it simple and bullet point my thoughts...

  • While there are still boxes in the house, Rob moved everything remaining to unpack inside from the garage.  So now there are boxes in the guest bedroom, our bedroom and the top of the stairs.  It sort of puts them in your face... which hopefully means I will tackle them sooner.
  • Being pregnant has made it so my motivation to unpack is null and void.
  • Our next visitors are coming in less than a month... aka my have the house finished deadline.
  • We went from a super large master bedroom closet in my little one bedroom apartment in KC while Rob was in Kuwait, to a manageable master bedroom closet in Georgia, to an even smaller master bedroom closet here.  I've still got like two boxes to unpack of closet stuff and I'm not sure where it is all going to go...  definitely first world problems.
  • We got two extra linen closets in both of our upstairs bathrooms, so one of those will probably turn into extra master bedroom storage.  There is no shortage of closets in this house, we just got jipped with our master one.
  • I'm looking at joining some groups out here to get my social game going strong.  A few of these potential opportunities are giving me anxiety because they are out of my "social norm".
    • A Pray and Play group offered by our new church.  I haven't been a part of a prayer group since high school probably.  Sometimes I worry I am not Catholic enough to study His Word every week.  It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it is so so true when I sit here and think about it.
    • A MOPS group on base.  There next meeting is tomorrow and I am still on the fence about going.  Which I can't figure out why!  For some reason I think I have a stigma around moms groups of any kind because they can be full of super crunchy moms, which I am not.  So will I fit in?
  • Then we have the groups that I am not worried about.
    • The Fort Campbell Spouses' Club, of course.  While I don't plan on joining the board for awhile, if ever, I am excited to get out there and going to socials again.  AND we have decided to get Grace booked into hourly care while I go to these type of gatherings... so once or twice a month (maybe more?) she will be in childcare.  Crazy!
    • The Clarksville Library story time.
    • ACS playtime.
  • I'm excited to be involved in activities that will benefit Grace as well.  She has definitely reached the age where other kids interest her more.  She WANTS to play with others, and I want to give her those opportunities.
  • I'm trying to be the mom that stops at the park more often.  Long day of running errands?  Throw the park in between.  Accompanied mom to a doctors appointment?  Go to the park after.  Even thirty minutes seems to make things better for Grace and I.
  • Grace is still not really a coherent talker.  If you ask her a question she says "ya" to basically everything.  She knows what you are asking her though, she just doesn't verbalize much of a response.  We have been trying to work with her to get her to say words when she wants something, but she would rather grunt or whine to get what she wants.  Most of the time I can figure out what that means, but it is getting old y'all.  Any advice?
  • I can't keep up with the laundry.  At all.  It is a nuisance.
  • When I went to get in-processed in to the OB department at the hospital on post, they could not find ANY of my records from Fort Gordon.  I had a bunch of extra tests done and I even saw a specialist and none of that came with me.  Thankfully they found them under a different name format.. so apparently I have two medical files... but I still don't know whether they will consider this pregnancy high risk due to my blood clot issues or just regular.  (I was considered high risk at Fort Gordon and seen in the OBGYN department as opposed to Family Medicine--here it is the difference between being seen by a midwife and being seen by an OB.)
  • Isn't it crazy how different things can be from place to place?  I'm still adjusting.
  • There is no Warrant Officer Association Auxiliary here yet... which sort of has me bummed out.  But Rob went to the Warrant Officer Association gathering today and had a really positive response to the whole thing.  Which makes me very excited.  Plus they even decided to nominate him for a secretary position because he is new blood.  ;)  I'd vote for him.
Okay-still a whining post.  But everything I wanted to say is there.  Happy middle of the week (in half an hour!)!

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  1. so much going on but I'm sure it will all work itself out. Don't stress out!

  2. I unpack quickly because I hate looking at boxes. And drinking from an open cup can help stimulate the tongue muscles.

  3. That picture of Grace is super cute! Don't be afraid of the moms group. I'm friends with a few crunchy moms and I am not at all and we still get along. Just try it out for awhile and see how it goes. Good for you though getting involved in things around there.
    It's magical when kids want to play with others, but sad at the same time that mommy isn't enough anymore. The park is always a saving grace.
    My advice for the talking is you can either wait it out and put her around more kids. Generally when kids are around others, especially older kids they will start picking up on the vocabulary. Or you can put your foot down and not give her what she is asking for without her using her words. We had to do that with both of our kids and they finally got the picture. But I would say if you go this route make sure you are all in and willing to follow it through. I guess my MIL had to do it with my husband too when he was a toddler. You just have to do what you are comfortable with. Good luck with your new adventures!

  4. Kyle and I have a pretty good flow when it comes to unpacking, I tackle the kitchen first and he does all the electronics. Don't worry you will get completely unpacked soon no need to stress. :)

  5. Laundry is the worst.

    Groups would make me nervous only because I'm an introvert.

    And I hate unpacking. Good luck with finishing.

  6. Glad to hear that you're settling into life at Campbell. I think you're doing the right thing by putting feelers out and seeing what fits. Good luck! :)

  7. Girl, you have got SO much going on right now!

    First, G is a mini genius and she's just saving it all for when she's good and ready! Do you expect any less from such a little rob? She's doing that on her own time! ha. If you are really concerned you can look up speech encouragement exercises you can do with her at home :)

    Second, I can't wait for you to get your social swag on and to hear all about it! I know you are going to absolutely thrive of course! I had the same kind of reservations about wives/spouses groups because I was afraid they all worshipped their husbands and weren't their own person. THEN I MET YOU GUYS! <3

    Good luck with the new adventures!!

  8. Sounds like a ton going on, try not to stress. All those groups sound awesome!

  9. Go to MOPS! I went to one on Trenton and while, to be honest, I didn't LOVE it, it was so so good for me to get out and do something with other women. If we hadn't moved I'd have gone back this year. Annabelle liked story time at the Campbell library. It was pretty crowded by the time we left but there's one for older kids (2yo and up, I think) that might not be as crowded.