Vacation rocked-Missouri edition.

Better late than never, right?

A couple of weeks ago we decided to just go home for a week and see family.  A week after we had moved in mind you.  So we threw a few things in suitcases, loaded up the car and pulled out.  (Of course one of those few things was not Grace's stroller - which was just lovely.)

Our first stop was to see Rob's family just outside Springfield, Missouri.  We are now SIX HOURS from them.  Which is glorious.  The weekend we were in town there was a massive car show going on that ended every evening with beautiful old cars cruising up and down one of the main roads in town.  So the first two days we spent on the side of a road, eating good food and hanging out with family.  I was surprised to find that Grace was totally in to the cars and would point, oooh and ahh like she'd been around them her whole life.

Rob's dad owns and rebuilt this Chevelle.
Sitting in the truck bed with her cousin.

Sprinkled in between there was soccer games for Rob's brother and cousin.  Which was an entertaining endeavor as Rob's brother was actually playing some family during the second game and it was like a family war out there on the side of the field.  Intense, to say the least.  I'm not sure our kids will ever be able to be involved in organized sports because my husband is totally THAT person on the sidelines.

Rob and his acts-just-like-him brother.
Blurry image that definitely catches the intensity of the soccer game.

We also made a trip to Lambert's-Home of the Throwed Rolls.  Which is good every time.  If you are ever in the Springfield area, please go.  You will not regret it... just don't sue them for a roll hitting you.

Our trip also included a visit from Rob's sister and her two sons.  It was our first time getting to meet our nephews, which was a blast.  Her oldest is just a few months younger than Grace and it is always so sweet watching Grace interact with others her age.  Though the two of them are different.. Grace is all girl, momma bird and her cousin is all boy, rough and tough.  Regardless it was the first time in years that all seven of the kids were together for the day.  So it was very special.

Rob, his siblings and their kids + one cousin!
Rob and his siblings-as good as you get.
Rob and his siblings-the real deal.

Otherwise we napped, bossed cousins around (I'm looking at you Grace!), played/watched football, talked about cars a lot, sat on horses and had an amazing time.

I come from a family of 4 people... and I still remember thinking just how chaotic it seemed having so many people under one roof the first time I visited Rob's family back in 2009 or something ages ago.  Now many years later we are adding to the group and loving every minute spent with family.  I never knew I needed 6 other siblings (on just one side of Rob's family...) but... I've grown to love them as my own - even if they are basically their brother in another body... (more than one Rob is sometimes a doozy!)!

Coming next - Kansas edition of this vacation rocked post.

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  1. I am so glad that you got to spend so much time with family! It really is the best!