Somehow it has been awhile.  Even though my husband has been working extra long days for the past week plus and my time has been endless.  I've been dragging.  Always always tired and so things just aren't getting done as I hope... including blogging.  So, let's take stock...

Making: A Christmas shopping list.  As usual I am left wondering what to get Rob's siblings.. so I text his brother and say - "what do you want for Christmas?  I don't know is not an answer." the punk responded with "I'm not sure." So as you can see... I am getting tons of ideas.

Cooking: Not a thing.

Drinking: Milk.

Reading: Blogs.. trying to catch up on some of my favorite people of course!

Wanting: Rob to be off this weekend... but no, he gets to work 8 to 8 until next Tuesday.  Then he luckily gets the holiday off..

Playing: I guess I am an unwilling participant in Grace's current game.  She keeps trying to close my laptop with her big ole head.

Listening: To Dinosaur Train.  My phone going off with a text from my best friend.  Grace chatting with Piston.

Sewing: Nothing.. I ain't got time for that.

Wishing: I didn't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner next week.  We were supposed to spend the holiday with Rob's family but it's just a tad too far and he can't go for a four day weekend.  So now we are on our own.  Luckily Rob is going to smoke the turkey, so it's just sides for me!

Enjoying: The sun shining... and the baby entertaining herself.

Liking: That baby B checked out as a normal healthy girl at her 20 week ultrasound Tuesday and doctors appointment Wednesday.

Wondering: If we should buy a real Christmas tree this year or finally break down and get a fake one since we will be spending the holidays with family.

Hoping: To finally get all of our laundry done.  It's insane though... like TONS of laundry needs done insane!

Marveling: At how big and independent Grace is getting.  It's 90% good until she tells you to "go" or throws an epic fit because you didn't let her do the very naughty thing she wanted to do.

Needing: To go to Hobby Lobby.  A couple of Christmas gift ideas are currently on sale 50% off, so we must capitalize.

Smelling: Nothing in particular.  Ready to break out the holiday scents for the wall plugs.

Wearing: Sweatpants and one of my many Royals t-shirts.

Thinking: Of how fun our visit was last weekend with some friends from our last duty station.  Unfortunately Rob had to work the entire time they were here, but we still had tons of fun going to craft fairs, eating good food, shopping and buying a mattress.  Haha.  Logan is getting so big and even though it has only been two months since we last saw them, he has already changed so much.

Feeling: Slightly motivated.  **Knock on wood** so that doesn't go away before I actually accomplish things.

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  1. I'm not looking forward to cooking either. Blah!

    Cute photos!

  2. You guys have been busy! Bummer that your hubby has to work so much over the next days. I sure know how that feels.

  3. I'm always trying to catch up on that dang laundry! I also like to go with a fake tree. It's just more convenient!

  4. laundry for days. all the time. lol Sorry your hubs has been so busy!