I know tomorrow is officially one week AFTER Halloween... but around here I'm still reminiscing about last Saturday and how much fun we had.

I've said it a hundred times, but holidays with children are way better than any childhood holiday could have ever been.  Watching your own spawn enjoy the day with amazing innocence makes the day that much better.

Grace was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  A local photographer offered two or three pictures in exchange for non-perishables for a food drive.  Grace did not want to stand alone and pose, but we still managed to get a couple that reflect Grace and her personality.

We painted pumpkins instead of carving them this year.  I asked my husband to help her briefly while I went to get some paper towels... I came back down and he was showing her how to paint her legs, not the pumpkin.  The OCD in me had to take a deep breath and let my little be a little.

Our front door decorations!  The little blue pumpkin is how my girls turned out... just perfect.

Before trick or treating.  Rob was the fan to go with Grace's cheerleader costume.

First time trick or treating.  She thought she was supposed to give candy out of her bucket to the neighbor.  Rob took her to a few houses after I realized the candy bucket we left on the steps was getting rapidly cleaned out by brats (my Halloween rant to come...).  She came home with a small assortment.  Most of which we ended up handing out as our bucket went dry.  Regardless she had a bunch of baby friendly candy and was definitely on a sugar high.

We wrapped up the evening handing out candy at our house while Rob and Grace played in the driveway on her radio flyer.  We didn't make it out without a few scratches and bumps, but it was a great evening all around.

I will say after doing Halloween on my own for many years now I don't think I will ever get over the whole trick or treating part.  Kids and parents can be so freaking rude.  I don't get it!  We had kids AND their parents ringing our doorbell at 5:30 even though our light was off.  I was in the process of finishing up dinner and getting things ready to head outside later... yet I would have people ringing our doorbell until we answered.  RUDE.  First off, it wasn't dark.  Second, our light was off... so... what gives?  In fact one of those parents brought her kid back by later in the evening for a second round.  I see you lady.  Then to top it all off while we took Grace to a few houses together our bucket was basically emptied that I left on the steps.  Maybe two families went by it.  PARENTS, WHERE ARE YOU?!  Why are you letting your kids be complete and utter brats.  You RUIN it for other kids when we run out of candy early in the evening.  Also-if you think you are too old to dress up, you are too old to trick or treat.  Rob thinks I am a scrooge.. I think kids need to have values, even on Halloween and not be spoiled little brats.

Okay, rant over.

Our Halloween was nothing short of just what I hoped it would be like once I became a mother.  I know chances are Grace will not remember the day, but I know I will!

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  1. She looked so cute in her costume! Believe me I absolutely agree that parents need to teach their kids better, it pisses me off how bratty kids are allowed to act.

  2. The pictures are adorable!

    Rude kids drive me insane.

  3. Adorable!! Her and that bump you're rocking!

  4. She is so stinking cute! I love her sruntchy face!!!! I agree, too many kids can ruin Halloween for the others. We have taught our kids that you don't go up to a house unless the light is on and you ring the door bell maybe twice at most. We started before it was dark but it was already 6:30 by this time and we didn't want to be out too late.
    Glad you guys had a good Halloween :)

  5. Ah, I haven't been by in so long! Finally have a free morning to catch up on all my favorite blog friends.

    Loved her little costume and I agree that holidays are SO much better with the kiddos!