28 weeks//Baby B

26 weeks was a miss because of vacation and I start 30 weeks tomorrow... but...

What Fruit are you // an eggplant
Due date // March 28th
How far along // 28 weeks
Next appointment // next month.  JUST had one on Thursday.
Gender // it's a girl!
Total weight gain/loss // up 21 pounds... hoping to gain no more than 30 this pregnancy.  Which is 10 more than I gained with Grace.  But I'm allowing myself extra because during this pregnancy we moved and have now traveled twice.. one trip to include the holidays.
Swelling // none.
Maternity clothes // when I am going somewhere...
Belly button // in
Sleep // my legs absolutely kill me when I sleep!! Which is weird, I never really had this problem with Grace.  I wake up with sore as hell hips and pain all down my legs.  Luckily it has gotten sort of better since getting home from vacation and sleeping in my very luxurious bed.
Food cravings // still chocolate.
Symptoms // hip pain... and I tested high for Gestational Diabetes (and here I was hoping that it was a fluke with Grace that can be attributed to Halloween candy...).  I opted out of the three hour test so I have a week to monitor my numbers and then turn them into my doctor for review.  She will determine if I have to continue to do the four times a day finger prick or if I am good to just test every once in awhile...
Movement // little miss is a busy body.  I'm actually really worried she will never sleep.  I feel her after lunch and dinner and sometimes in the morning when I wake up and sometimes in bed at night.  She's very active, and I love it.
Labor signs // none.
What I miss // not feeling large.  I'm starting to reach that point where I am feeling just bleh.  I don't feel like I have a glow... I just feel over it.
What I'm loving // how real it has started to feel since the holidays.  WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY PEOPLE!  I've started thinking about what we need and getting her room together.  All things that haven't really been on my mind until recently.
What I'm looking forward to // the newborn pictures that I just booked.  We never got professional ones done of Grace (minus the ones the hospital took and I later purchased one image of) and so I am excited to have professional ones done to include both my babies!
Best moment this week // finally finding some energy to get some things done.  I've cleaned and unpacked.  Vacuumed and done laundry.  Is nesting finally setting in?!

To read about Grace at 28 weeks, click here.

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  1. You are looking fabulous!!! :)

  2. Enjoy every minute of it! You look good!

    1. Thank you!! I'm trying to enjoy it, but sometimes it is hard. Haha.

  3. You look great!

    I'm always craving chocolate.

    1. Thanks - and same here!!! Haha. Pregnant or not, it's my guilty pleasure.

  4. You look cute! Ah, I felt HUGE with my second and was ready to have it over with sooner.
    Good luck, hopefully the energy will stay with you!