The Month of December.

We are now almost half way through the month of January.  Which obviously means I should talk about the month of December.  The month where this blog went dormant.  We were doing things... blog worthy things even, but they never made it here.  Of course.

So here is the condensed, highlighted version of our month of December...

We saw Santa.  We didn't like him again this year.

I attended a Christmas gathering with a few other Fort Campbell Warrant Officer spouses.  We did this fun gift exchange where everyone brought four of their favorite things under $5.  Then everyone went home with 4 different items - someone else's favorite thing.  Unique, and tons of fun.

We got a tree.  We killed said tree within a week.  So word to the wise, water your tree less than three hours after putting it in the tree stand.  After that - the sap prevents the water from traveling up the spine.  Lesson learned... moving on...
Our 2015 family ornament.

We mailed out Christmas cards.

We made salt dough ornaments for grandparents.  My original intention was for Grace to paint them... but it never happened, so we gifted them plain with a simple "Grace, 2015" sharpied on.  That'll do.
(and I didn't snap pictures.....)

We had a small Christmas at home.  We don't go all out when we get to see family... but those few presents exchanged on a quiet night are perfect memory makers, including the Halloween jimmies.

Rob and I celebrated being a couple for 7 years and almost 6 years of marriage.

We traveled, again.  We spent the first part of block leave with Rob's parents in Missouri.  And all of his siblings and their significant others.  There was lots of playing and spoiling.  Grace's aunts and uncles can't get enough of her.  Which helps mama and daddy have a bit of a break.  With all of our Christmas shopping already done we really got to just enjoy family and being together.

Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day was spent with Rob's family.  Three different Christmas celebrations were crammed into a 24 hour time period.  So we were busy and tired.  But we decorated a gingerbread house (for the first time ever), spent time with cousins and ate lots of food.

After lunch on Christmas day we rolled out of Missouri to our next destination, Kansas.  Where we had yet another celebration with my family.  Grace loves opening presents and this year was definitely a win to see her so excited and into the holiday.
My parents are loosing it...

We went to a freezing cold Chiefs game.  But they won - and we luckily unthawed.  The baby even slept the first half of the game, at the loudest stadium in the NFL no less.

We spent the rest of the month of December in Kansas - playing, playing in snow, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

The last pictures of 2015...

Oh and Rob's truck broke.  Which is awesome when you are on holiday leave 8 hours away from home.  Spoiler alert, Rob was able to fix it after an initial diagnosis by an overzealous auto repair shop and we not only made it back to Tennessee without any more problems, but said truck is still operating at it's full potential.  Three cheers for do-it-yourself husbands.

Hoping another month doesn't pass until the next post...

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  1. What an amazing Christmas you had!!! :) I love the photos.

  2. Sounds like a great month! Grace is super cute and I love all of her faces!!!!

  3. Such a cute little girl! The picture sleeping with her Barbie is too cute. Slick gingerbread house, and I wanted to do a gift exchange this year too. Never got to it...The to dad from dad present is something my dad would do haha. Looks like Missouri and Kansas were a blast!

    - Harlynn