A name.

With both our girls choosing a name was a serious test of our marriage.  My husband didn't want anything unique or too out there... but he also had no suggestions for what he did want.  So when we found out Grace was a girl we went to the store and bought the baby name book.  I took it home - I diligently highlighted my favorites and passed the book over to my husband.  Rob glanced at it and declared that he didn't like any of the names I did and started reading through the names.

After laughing and being dumbfounded by some of the suggestions, he landed on Grace.  Much to my surprise as it was in fact highlighted, he liked it - and so did I.  So Grace it was.  I knew when I found out we were having a girl that I wanted her middle name to be my mother's, Elaine.  So less than 12 hours after finding out Grace was a girl and not a boy like Rob so desperately hoped and wished, she had a name... Grace Elaine.

When I found out I was expecting again, Rob put a ban on any talk of whether we were having a boy or girl.  He was highly suspicious and even though the sex was already determined, he had decided if we didn't talk about it... it would be a boy.  Wrong, again.  Of course because of this ban we had no names selected prior to finding out her gender.  So the day we found out she was a girl, I again went home to the baby name book and tried to add any names I hadn't the first go around.  Although this time I read names off to Rob for a few days before he decided he liked Brooke.  A name he had previously not liked.

Because Grace had my mother's middle name, we wanted to give Brooke a family name as well.  Monse is a name from Rob's grandmothers side of the family.  She is Puerto Rican and very important to my husband, so after letting it roll off the tongue for awhile, Brooke Monse it was.

Then about two months before her due date, Rob decided he wanted her to have the full version of her name, Brooklyn Monse.  Rob's name is just Rob.  Not Robert.  And to say he may be bitter about it is sort of an understatement.  He didn't want Brooke to think she was given a nickname for a first name like he has often felt in life.  So Brooklyn Monse it was.

I don't know if we will have another opportunity to name a child, boy or girl... which may just save our marriage. Rob and I are both stubborn and know what we want.  So picking a name we both like?  Kind of a challenge.  But so far I think we've done pretty good.

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  1. Aw. I have names picked out for my "babies" that don't seem to be coming my way. I also have future pug babies names picked out.
    Big hugs lady!! xxoo

  2. We knew baby girls name long before I was even expecting. We are pretty particular with baby names. You are stuck with it for the better part of your life.

  3. I love how you chose their names, Emersyn will have my Mom's middle name and to me that is so special.

  4. We have a terrible time agreeing on girls names. Right up until the csection we hadn't agreed on a name if the baby was a girl. I was the bigger person and gave up my name (Katherine) and let Christopher have his name. I'm deciding on names from here on out. ;) I love your girls' names. They're both on my list!

  5. It took a bit to agree on a name for our daughter. For our son, I agreed to name him after his Grandpa and his Daddy. But coming up with the name Natalie took a bit. He wanted Victoria. I wanted Elizabeth.

  6. It is nice that you were able to come up with something together though! Are you going to call Brooklyn, Brooke?

  7. So special! Our daughter (Annabelle) has my mom's middle name too - Kathryn. It's also my middle name, though. We picked it when I was only 5 weeks pregnant and just KNEW she was a girl. We never could decide on a boy name just in case!