Things I am loving.

I am loving...

...when Brooke giggles in her sleep.  Also, toothless grins.

...the million and one kisses Grace has bestowed upon her sister since birth.

...fresh flowers on our dining room table and in our front yard. support system.  Between Rob's family who came down to try and help me walk Brooke out the week before my induction, my sister for helping with Grace so Rob could be at the hospital with me, my family for being here Brooke's first week of life, and Rob's grandparents for coming to stay with me and the girls while Rob goes TDY (temporary duty not at Fort Campbell for our non-military readers) for the first time here soon... I am very lucky.  I may not have many local friends - but I've got family willing to go the extra mile for us, and that is more than enough.

...the swing-set our neighbors let us give new life to as they are moving and their boys are grown.

...toddler sized sunglasses that only cost $1.

...Jackson and April's relationship on Grey's Anatomy.  (I'm only on season 11 so, no spoilers!)

...getting mail that is not a bill.

...feeling more like myself.  I've got the mama flap and everything is still fairly stretched out... but I can bend in half and most of my wardrobe fits again.  Plus I can lift things again.  Insert the hallelujah hands emoji here. Grace has adapted to being a big sister.  Their interactions melt me

...the mama power of being able to calm my babies down, sometimes just by talking to them. husbands new found devotion to our yard and the work required to keep it pretty.  I guess a new riding lawn mower will do that to a guy. during synchronized naps.

...that we get daddy for an extra day this weekend!

Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Aw they are so cute!! I hope you get some time to rest this weekend! xxxooo

  2. They are so sweet! I'm glad things are going well and that you have a great support system.

  3. Your girls are so adorable! I also love getting mail that isn't bills haha.

  4. Riding mower. SO. JEALOUS!!!! Haha
    Your two girls are too precious together!!!