2016 Military Spouse Appreciation Day [Link-Up]

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Today I am celebrating all the unique and fabulous women that make up this military spouse community.  I'm blessed that in my six years as a military spouse I have come across some ladies that have become my closest friends.  The ones that know exactly how I feel during separations from family or my spouse.  The ones that turn into family when yours is nowhere near.  The ones you celebrate holidays with and welcome babies with.  The ones that make it hard to say goodbye to duty stations as you PCS.  The ones that make you cling to the hope of crossing paths again one day.  

These military spouses are strong and resilient.  They made a choice when marrying their spouse that many women couldn't do.  They knew they'd spend time alone and raise children away from family.  They made the choice to jump head first and follow love.

I am proud to be in this group of women.  And today I am raising my glass to you (and I may actually drink something since I'm not pregnant.. finally!)!

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link-Up

This year Jen and I are again hosting a Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link-Up!  It's easy to join - just answer the questions below and add your link to the link-up.  Then don't forget to visit some other blogs!

//Tell us about yourself and your blog.

//What branch of military are you affiliated with?

//What is one thing you enjoy about the military lifestyle?

//What advice would you give other spouses who are new?

//My name is Amanda and I am the blogger behind this here blog, Somewhere Over the Camo.  Right now my blog is chronicling my life as a new mom again as I just gave birth to our second daughter a little over a month ago.  I've been married to my husband for six years now - and during that time we've been stationed at Fort Meade, Fort Gordon and recently we moved to Fort Campbell.  Rob went Warrant a year and a half ago and the adventures with the Army are never ending.  When I'm not following my husband and the Army, I am a full-time mom to our two girls and part-time maid.  I keep busy blogging, doing laundry and binge watching Gossip Girl.  I hope you stick around as it is very nice to meet you.

//I enjoy meeting new people courtesy of the military.  No matter where we go, we are bound to meet people from different walks of life.  Had I stayed in Kansas my whole life, I wouldn't have met my Army best friend from Massachusetts.  Or the countless other ladies who I am blessed to have in my life that are from different states and even different countries.

//The best advice I can give other spouses is to get involved.  Same as last year but it rings so true.  Prime example?  I still haven't gotten involved here at Fort Campbell and frankly I hate it here.  I know very few people and rarely leave my house for fun... and look at me?  (I guess I need to take my own advice.)  Also PATIENCE.  The military will never work on your time frame.  Ever.  So if you just relax and roll with it, your life will be a lot less stressful.  Promise.

So join us below... and happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all you wonderful spouses!

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  1. I love hosting this link up with you!!! :) Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day. You are pretty awesome! :)

  2. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!

  3. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! :)

  4. You're at Fort Campbell? My fiance and I have been there a lot recently since Knox didn't have the PRK surgery availability.

  5. So true about meeting new people. I wouldn't have met my husband if the military didn't send him to the same first duty station as my sister.

  6. Love this, I can't wait to follow more military spouses and read what they have to say about this lifestyle! As a new military spouse, I decided not to participate in the link-up but I am looking forward to reading what others have to say :)

  7. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! She's beautiful! Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to you! :)