On being a mother.

This morning I was up at 2 am crawling in to Grace's bed.  Operation get her back into her own bed has recommenced.  She's a bed-hog.  A big one.  Almost (but not quite!) as bad as my husband.  One bed-hog I can deal with, two... ain't gonna happen.  I digress... so at 2 am I'm crawling into her bed to give her some cuddles after the "mama" screams woke me up.  Twenty minutes later I'm doing acrobatics to climb back out.  I close my eyes in my own bed knowing it's just a matter of time before Brooklyn is ready for another nursing session.  Sure enough 3 am she's up... and starving, of course, so letting me have it.  Thirty minutes later I lay her back in her rock'n'play.  Two hours later and Grace is awake again.  Rob gets her this time and brings her in to cuddle with me as he is off for an early morning adventure.  Back to sleep we go... but wait!  Brooke wants to nurse AGAIN.  And before I know it it's time to start the day.  For real this time.

Mornings like this I am thankful for.  While a straight night of sleep is without a doubt missed.. I am a mom.  I have two beautiful baby girls.  Two HEALTHY baby girls who keep me sane and drive me insane.

Two years ago I became a mom when we welcomed Grace into the world.  In those two years I've grown into it.  I am more confident in my mothering skills.  That doesn't mean I don't have a moment every now and then where I border on being a crazy person when my child acts even remotely different.  But when we welcomed Brooke a little over a month ago, I wasn't scared.  I knew moments would be hectic and I'd possibly want to pull my hair out every other day.  But at the end of the day... with a small dose of patience and two working arms, I knew I'd be able to get through each day with two kids.  Two happy, alive kids.

And what do you know?  I'm making it happen.

I know I'm blessed to be a mom.  Something I without a doubt don't take for granted.  I've learned from the absolute best in my mama and I'm so very thankful that if I need some advice, she's just a phone call away.  Thank you mom, for being my rock during this mothering adventure.  You made it look so easy all those years, and while it isn't always easy... it's getting better.  All my love to you this Mother's Day!

To the other mothers that follow this little blog --- Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you are spoiled and happy today surrounded by all of your loved ones.

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