Hey, it's okay.

Another Tuesday spent watching my crazy gang do basically everything but what they are told.  I spend way too much time yelling "no"... and heaven forbid you walk past my house when I'm trying to nurse... because that is when my toddler and puppy like to act up.. when I'm pinned down.  The mom life is SO fun y'all.

So to celebrate another Tuesday in the life of this stay-at-home mom... a "hey it's okay" sharing session.

Hey it's okay...

.that we spend more time at home than doing anything else these days.  1. it's too hot outside to move.  2. it takes so much willpower to get myself and two kids dressed, ready and out the door.  How mom's with more than two kids do it I shall never know.

.that we finally entertained some new friends this last weekend.  Rob invited one of his buddies from work and his wife and son over for some amazing-ness off the grill.  I've missed entertaining and it was super nice to be able to chat with a lady that can carry on a conversation and doesn't ask me "what's dat" or to refill her juice a million times.

.to be using a beach tote as a diaper bag.  It looks legit - not beachy.  Also... cleaning out the diaper bag is the absolute worst thing ever.  So many crumbs and other unknown things.

.that it took my husband getting a sports car and power washer to start really washing our vehicles.

.to be 150% over the puppy phase.  Like do you have to chew on everything and my toddler too?!  WHY?!

.to be super excited for our July 4th plans.  Who doesn't love July 4th?

.to have bought my girls like 5 outfits each for July 4th weekend.  Last year Gray wore a patriotic outfit every single day of our vacation to Tampa.  That's a win in my book.  Can never have enough patriotic gear.

..to be thankful as hell my girls are both sleepers... Grace has been sleeping through the night for almost her entire life and Brooke is already giving me a 5 to 8 hour stretch.  Hallelujah and knocking on all kinds of wood over here.

.to be pale.

And that's all I've got.

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  1. Haha. The puppy phase! We are still in it....and Belle is almost 4.
    Your children are adorable.

  2. Yay for sleep!! Good for you, I can't imagine how tiring it is to be a mom.. And the 4th, YES! We're geeked for our camping trip, just hubs and I. Really looking forward to it and I found some red, white and blue sherbet to celebrate with!

  3. I'm wish you about 4th of July!!! I can't wait for our plans either. :)