Our TN house - main living area

FINALLY after living here for basically forever (if you count since September as "forever")... our home is "done".  Of course, there are curtains to be hung and frames to be filled, but you are asking an awful lot if you want those done these days.

Our new home is a split level - so you go in the door and are greeted with stairs.  We went from a one story home to a two... and ugh.  It is a pain.

Anyway - our main living area is upstairs...

Our stairwell gallery is hands down my favorite in the entire house.

***I used wall mount squares for the letters, numbers and canvas.  SUPER easy and convenient.  Not sure what the wall will look like when taken down, but we will cross that road later.

Our living room.  Half filled frames, blankets thrown half-hearted over peeling couches and a city landscape (that my husband HATES... men don't get it).  This house came painted and I LOVE it after an all yellow house in Georgia.

Grace's play room - aka the breakfast nook.  Didn't originally intend for this to be a toy room... but it works, really well.  Minus the dog having easy access to EVERYTHING he is not supposed to have.

The kitchen.  Thankfully just a bit bigger than the one we had in our last house.  I mean you can't go wrong with more counter space.  Like seriously.

And last but not least - our dining room.  A room we don't use nearly enough.  This room houses my favorite piece of furniture we own, the buffet from my mom's side of the family.

(That window did not have a shade when we moved in, it's on my list of things to replace... there is zero privacy right now...).

So that's the main part of the house...

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  1. I love how everything looks!!! :) It's always nice when a new home comes together.

  2. Love how you're using the breakfast nook as a toy area. Very smart! Are you guys at Fort Campbell?

  3. Your house looks lovely! Our on-post house will be 1 story and after living in a 2 story for 15 years I am VERY glad to not have to lug laundry up and down stairs.