Brooklyn | Three months

I swear to all things holy the months are somehow going way way faster.  Brooke has now been a part of our little world for a quarter of a year.  Please insert the shocked emoji face... like what?

Your three month quirks...

.You have developed the most amazing rolls on your arms and legs.  The sign of a healthy baby that does NOT miss a single meal.

.You moved up to size 2 diapers.

.You are wearing size 3 month and 3/6 month clothing.  Only 3/6 month sleepers though.

.You are still the happiest baby ever.  You only fuss when you are hungry or need some attention.  Thank heavens because your siblings keep mama busy.

.You really dislike bath time.  It's not your favorite.

.You are liking the carseat a little bit better.  Just in time for your first real road trip. (PRAY for us!)

.You love your sister.  Anytime you catch sight of her you just bust into a big grin.

.You smile and coo all the time.  Which probably means you are going to be a chatty baby.

.You are still sleeping in one long stretch at night but in general nurse between 5 and 6:30 AM, around 8 AM, just before lunch at about 11AM, then you nurse again between 2 and 3, just before dinner at about 4:30, between 7 and 8 PM, then again between 10 and midnight before crashing until the next morning.

.You are super easy going still, thankfully.

.You have the most amazing hair ever.  It's thick and just stands straight off of your head.

.You discovered your hands recently and they are SO fascinating.  You stare at them all the time like I'd imagine I'd stare if I saw someone famous.

.You still have a darker complexion but your eyes are starting to lighten up just like your sisters did.

Brooklyn - mama, daddy and sissy are so very lucky to have you in our world.  I can't wait to watch you grow more and learn the world, guided by your sister (actually... I can wait so just hold tight Cookie).  Your personality is already so incredible and I hope that never changes.  Love you to the moon and back baby.

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  1. 3 months already!? It really is amazing how fast time flies by. Her hair is pretty much amazing. :)