Weekend winning.

Five reasons this weekend rocked...

One // It was NOT blazing hot for basically the first time this year.  Okay... the first time in a few months.

Two // We got to see some of our old friends from Fort Gordon.  They spent a few years in Korea and a few kids were added to the mix... but it was great fun watching the littles interact with each other.  And three cheers for toddlers sleeping like ROCKS at the end of the night.

Three // My best friend from college got engaged!! I feel like I am engaged again... and I can't wait to go to California next year and celebrate the love her and her man have.

Four // I went grocery shopping.  I know, I know.. what a MOM thing to say... but seriously, NOTHING beats a freshly stocked pantry and fridge.  Food for dayyyyys.

Five // Grace waited to get sick until Sunday at bedtime.  As of 9:40 Monday evening, it would appear we are mostly past the yucky that she caught.  But not before almost every towel and 3 sets of sheets have gone through the wash.

I'm hoping to get some sleep this evening (fingers crossed -- because the one full hour of sleep I got last night ain't going to cut it...) and that tomorrow we all wake up feeling a-okay.

Happy Monday friends!

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  1. Yay for seeing friends!!! :) It's always nice to reconnect.

  2. I love that someone else gets a thrill off grocery shopping like I do. Legit it fills my need to shop! Lol

  3. Seriously, a freshly stocked fridge and pantry is the stuff dreams are made of...throw in a Nancy Myer movie kitchen and I am set for life! ;)

  4. Nooooo to the gastointestinal upset! I hope the worst has passed. Nothing ever makes me so thankful for a washer and dryer in my home than when people get to poopin' and pukin'. I will never understand how anyone can live without them.

  5. LOL I had to chuckle when you talked about the heat breaking a bit. We REJOICE in Kansas when weekend temps are anything less than 95!