Brooklyn | Four Months

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn.  You've grown SO much in the last month.  It seems like you have always been with us... as I can't recall a time without you now.  You are still my sweet little easy going baby but you've started voicing your opinion just a wee bit more.  It will happen... you are my girl.

Your quirks this month...

.You weigh 15 pounds, 14 ounces.  In the 91st percentile.

.You are 24.8 inches tall.  In the 73rd percentile.  (Fun fact... your weight percentile is going up while your height percentile is going down.)

.You are still wearing size 2 diapers and mainly 3/6 month clothing.  I am about to pull out the 6 month wardrobe as it is filled with mostly summer pieces.

.You are still OBSESSED with your sister.  Mama can't get enough of watching the two of you interact.

.You coo away and hand out gummy smiles like candy.

.You want to be propped up when you are awake and enjoy sitting in the bumbo and observing the crazies.

.You do not enjoy laying back unless you are sleeping or nursing.  Life is far too interesting to watch it from a laying down position.

.You are adored by your sister.  When mama takes her out without you, she asks at least a thousand times where "Boo Boo" is.

.Your rolls are still beautifully developed and your skin still darker than Grace's at this point.

.You aren't a fan of tummy time and show no interest in rolling over.  You are content with just laying your head down and calling it.

.Your hair sticks straight off of your head still and everyone loves it.

.You have developed some pretty amazing nicknames - "Boo Boo" and "Cookie".

.You have started grasping on to toys and observing them just like you do your hands.

.You don't have any teeth yet but your hands are always in your mouth and you drool a lot, so maybe soon?

.You sleep through the night from about 9 PM to 6 AM give or take a bit.

I thank heavens everyday that you are the easy going baby that you are.  You make mama so happy and even though you are starting to hand out more smiles to daddy then mama, I still adore you precious little girl.

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