You know you are a mom when...

So obviously I'm a mom.  Unless this is the first time you've visited this blog... you KNOW that already.  I talk about my girls a lot.  I'm a stay-at-home mom and I've been with my children every day and night of their life except the two I was away from Grace while delivering Brooke.

Lately I've been sharing a lot of memes on my personal FB page and about 98% of them are in regards to being a mother.  I have those "you know you are a mom when" moments more often than not.  I mean...

You know you are a mom when the entire family is eating and you are finally going to the bathroom, ALONE.

You know you are a mom when you find yourself saying no to the most ridiculous things ever.  No you don't need to eat ketchup with your fingers... use your spoon.

You know you are a mom when you frequently try and cut a deal to not have to change ANOTHER poopy diaper.

You know you are a mom when you spend more time browsing the kids clearance racks then the ones in the women department.

You know you are a mom when the idea of someone else doing the grocery shopping and bringing it to your car is the greatest. thing. ever.  (Now if Walmart could just keep what I need "in stock" - which is odd because when I go walk around, they have said things that I need right there in the store.. ??)

You know you are a mom when you take your kids to an indoor play place and revel in the fact that the employees are cleaning up all 500 of those plastic food pieces... not you.

You know you are a mom when you worry about sunscreen, bumps on heads and nap times.

You know you are a mom when the baby trailing you around the house saying "mom, mommy, mama" makes you laugh, cry, stressed, happy but above all else the luckiest person in the world.

Are you a mom?  What would you add to this list?

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  1. I really love these posts! I can't wait to add to this list haha.

  2. I'd love to be a mom! For now, I'm just pug mommy. Maybe I'll do a list like this if you don't mind me stealing! Haha

  3. I love this. Some of these are super funny! I'm not a mom but I'm an aunt and can relate to some of these when it comes to my nieces ;) I love your blog and just started following you on bloglovin! I'd love a follow back<3

    xo Nicole

  4. Yes, I love this!! Everything is so true.