Brooklyn | Six months

Well y'all, somehow it has now been six months since I gave birth to our sweet little girl with the squished in nose.  I don't know how.  It certainly doesn't feel like six months have passed.  But sure enough... here we are.

Brooke's quirks this month...

.You are still wearing size 3 diapers and size 6 month clothing.  BUT it is about that time again and the 6-9 month and 9 month is about to make an appearance.

.You are SO close to sitting up by yourself.

.You are now on the move when I put you down, rolling all over the living room floor when everyone is calm enough for you to be on the floor.

.You started eating baby food about a week and a half ago.  You've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and bananas. And love it all.  You only eat about half a container at lunch and dinner.

.You are still nursing and we both still love it.  You do get a bit distracted by just about anything else, so we have to keep the room quiet and contained.

.You go to bed between 7 and 8, without fail.  Typically you wake up around midnight to nurse and then again between 5 and 6 am.  Before being up for the day about 7.

.You take a short morning nap about 10 am for 45 minutes to an hour.  And a longer afternoon nap after lunch for two hours or so.

.You are intrigued by Diesel and enjoy running your hands through his fur.  He thinks you smell but is very cautious with you, considering how he is with your older sister.

.You LOVE your sister.  But you are both already showing typical sister traits.  You aren't afraid to vocalize when she is doing something you aren't a fan of.  Otherwise you are all smiles for her, almost all of the time.

.You still have hair that sticks straight up and it is definitely getting thicker.

.You reach for and want everything.

.You are still chunky as ever and perfect as can be.

.You join us at the table for dinner and love sitting in the highchair chatting away.

.You have almost completely outgrown your swing and rock 'n' play.  Which is going to be bittersweet for mama.

.You fake cough when you are trying to get someones attention.

.You are still THANKFULLY so so easy going.

My sweet Brooklyn - mama loves you.  You are such a beautiful precious girl and your personality is the best thing ever.  In all of the chaos that is our life, I am glad to have your calming smile at the end of the day and your sweet snuggles.  You ALMOST make mama want another.

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