I only managed to squeeze out one post last week.  I am one tired mama.  The seasons finally started to show a bit of change.  And I was all like "change?! I like change!"  And went overboard.

Brooke and Grace both got the boot out of our room last week.  Brooke was sleeping in the rock 'n' play next to our bed... but when she decided she wanted to sit in it I knew it was time to say farewell to the convenience and get her into her crib in her room.  Fortunately, the transition has been relatively smooth.  It just means I have to get up and go to her room in the night when she wakes up to nurse.  ANDDD now we have a party when a certain little lady doesn't want to go right back to sleep when she wakes up to nurse at 3 am.  All that aside, she's sleeping and napping in there ALL of the time.

Grace's transition has been much like our last attempt.  She was still co-sleeping with us.. and we've got to cut the ties eventually... and let me tell you that king size bed is MASSIVE without my bed hog of a two year old between us.  The last couple of nights she has slept in her bed.  Well kind of.  Three nights ago she came into our room around 5.  Two nights ago she was in our room around 3 as she woke up just minutes before Brooke woke up to nurse and I didn't have a chance to get her back to sleep before the baby was screaming at me for food.  Progress.  But then last night she was in our room by 1 am - pillow and all.  Regardless we get a few hours of kid free sleep... and I can only hope it gets better.

It's a work in progress.  And I am tired.

But that isn't all...

I started drinking coffee in the morning.  Well kind of.  It's a mocha Starbucks frappuccino drink that I can thankfully buy in bulk at SAMs Club.  It helps me feel a bit more alive and productive in the morning.  And I CLING to it.

The dog started sleeping in his kennel at night.  I had one rule when we got him - no sleeping on my bed.  Unfortunately while the girls and I were in Kansas, Rob didn't apply that rule anymore and Diesel got a little carried away with his bed privileges.  Surprisingly him sleeping in his kennel works a lot better for all of us. Much more calm and controlled.  Which is good for everyone.

I started yoga.  I've always wanted to try it as one of my best friends has done it for years.  I jumped head first into a three week retreat offered by Beach Body.  I did really good the first week, and I have completely fallen off here recently between the sleeping changes and just about everything else.  But I like it because I feel stronger and calmer after every video.  Plus I typically don't break a major sweat so I can squeeze it in whenever and don't have to rush to the shower after.  That's a win win in my book because I loathe sweating.  (Is that weird?)

I also started bullet journaling my weeks and other random things.  I was definitely that kid in school with doodles on notes and decorated binders... so I am enjoying making each page unique and it is a fantastic way to pass the evening/afternoon.  (Shout out to my girl, Kara -- Thank YOUUUU!)

And finally... the girls and I have been operating on a schedule, sort of.  It's not like a hard and fast schedule, but it is definitely a routine that we are thriving off of.  I never imagined I would be that mama with a schedule... but it seriously works for everyone.  Grace is a creature of habit just like I am and she loves helping out because she knows exactly what to expect.  And it makes our days go easier when it comes to napping and bedtime.  So I can't complain.  At all.

Anyway - in light of keeping it real... I've been craving these changes after an overall stalemate of stay-at-home mom-ness.  Do I love always being home with my kids?  YES!  That's obvious.  But sometimes I just have to throw chicken on the stove and try not to burn it while trying out a new recipe (I'm weird but I HATE cooking chicken and pork on the stovetop!!!!!!!!!).  Because change is good.

Here is to a good freaking week.  Who is with me?

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  1. I hate cooking pork and chicken on the stove too. I feel like it's never done, but then I end up over cooking it! I prefer the crock pot or oven! :) Good luck with all of your transitions! I hope the sleeping improves soon. That coffee is going to be your lifeline!

  2. Really? I love a good sweat! Yoga is awesome though!

  3. I really enjoy yoga, I need to get back into it.