I will never ever ever go on a road trip without my husband again.

(warning picture overload ahead...)

Last Thursday the girls and I left for Kansas.  We had a family wedding to attend and Rob had Army stuff going on that prevented him from joining us.  OKAY - NO BIGGIE.  Said the naive mama of two.

We were off to a great start with hardly any sleep after Grace had a fever most of the night before.  Molars maybe?  Who knows.  The day just kept getting better as the eight hour drive turned into ELEVEN.  Mama was Done.  With a capital D.  We resorted to disgusting McDonald's playgrounds to try and get through the drive and lots of nursing/diaper changing stops.  After all my children thought it was highly entertaining to go back and forth on who was crying.  It was lovely.

Eventually we got to my parents house in time to sleep essentially.  SO we slept.  Friday morning we were headed out to western Kansas where the wedding was.  Another five hour drive.  After loading everything up to include children and my sister.  We pulled out of the driveway and my truck was like nope, nope, nope.  I'm done.  Long story short it put itself in limp mode which means it was trying to protect itself because it thought there was something wrong but didn't know what.  So we pull back in the driveway and swap everything to my dad's truck with the intent of fixing mine when I got back into town the next week.

So we break a sweat swapping car seats.  Because heaven forbid those suckers are easy to install.  Also, my dad's truck is pre-2004.... aka no easy clips in the seat.  And an hour later we are on the road.  For real this time.  We make great time since there is someone with me to shove the binky in the open crying mouth.  Hallelujah.  We even had time to stop and get lunch with Allison, who moved to the middle of Kansas thanks to her husband and his rising career.

This was her first time meeting Brooke so I am so very glad even
a short visit happened.  We can't wait to see you again!

We make it in time for the rehearsal and dinner and stuff.  They had spaghetti, salad and bread.  Genius.  AND GOOD. And easy.  I think?

Kisses from grandpa!
I swear my oldest was there too... she just doesn't take pictures these days...
Loving on Aunt Erin with her michelin man arms.

After a long night it was finally Satur-yay and wedding day!  Being family we had an early report time for five thousand pictures.  Obviously.  The things you do for those you love.  The wedding itself was a full Catholic ceremony which means we parked the minions in the very back row of church.  Nap time being replaced with church was a recipe for restless kids.  But they didn't do too bad... it was the heat.  Amazing, gorgeous, old church = non existent air conditioner.  It was rough!

That was followed with dinner and a dance.  They do this ridiculously long dance called the wedding march.  I really don't think anybody else does it.  But my parents were married at the same church and had their reception at the same church hall... and THEY did it too.  I've heard about it my whole life.  I made the mistake of doing this dance with Brooke in my arms.  Somebody should have warned me I needed to work out!  Goodness sakes.  So you dance around and at the end you form a circle around the couple and they do their first dance.  Insert all of the awe moments here.

I thought we were going to lose my kids to sleep before the dance started... but once the lights dimmed and the tables were pushed to the side for the dance, my two year old had wayyy more pep in her step.  Girlfriend was having a blast.  We made it until about 9 before we headed out.  JUST in time as the rain came.  With a vengeance.  The rest of the family came home soaked.

Sweet girl would NOT nap on me... 
but made my cousin Whitney's baby fever worse than it was.
First dance as husband and wife!
Having a moment with my Uncle on his special day.
Sparklers with Aunt Erin to round the night out.

Sunday we walked over to my grandparents farm to see the animals and my uncles new shop.  Unfortunately the cows were out in the pasture and the hogs had escaped their enclosure.  So the animal part was a bust.  BUT Grace got to see lots and lots of tractors which made for a very happy girl.

All of us that traveled in, plus my sister.
Tennessee, Oregon and South Carolina represented.
Also - my girls were both napping.
My cousin Shelley's sweet Ava is so grown up now.
The old dairy barn.
Sitting in a tractor tire with Aunt Erin.
We also got to meet my cousin's sweet Addison.
They live in Oregon.

We decided after that we would go over to the church to visit my grandparents grave.  It's only 3 miles over to the church... but guess whose truck was acting funny?  If you are keeping track... this is the SECOND truck I've driven to go down within a weekend.  Dad takes over and drives us out to the field.  Remember it rained last night.  So it was muddy.  My dad doesn't think four wheel drive is necessary... and it was a disaster.  At this point my anxiety is basically through the roof.  Somehow we get back to my uncles house and it is determined the truck isn't going to work for me to drive back.  After capping off the evening with some bubbles and another storm it was sleep for all.

Blows my mind when people say Kansas is boring...

So we move the car seats again.  To my mom's car.  Monday morning we load up... mom, the girls and I in her car.  And my sister and dad in the truck.  Unfortunately I had to scrap my plans to spend several days at Allison's house on the way home as all the vehicles decided to crap out on me.  Luckily we were able to see each other, although briefly, on Friday.  But STILL.  This trip just keeps getting better.

We get back to KC with all vehicles still rolling only to discover that magically my truck is out of limp mode and acting normal.  Like what?  You little shit who didn't want to drive anymore!  Dad takes it to get scanned anyway and a couple of codes come up.  We aren't actually sure if there is an issue or not so I decide not to drive it much.  Which leaves the girls and I at my parents all day Tuesday while the family worked.

That night we HAD to go get Jose Peppers.  If you are from KC, you know what this is.  If you are visiting KC, GO.  And get the queso and thank me later.  Anyway... so my vehicle is the only one that can fit all of us.  Of course.  Which means something else breaks.  Now 4 of the trucks 6 vents are blowing out HOT air instead of cool air.  LOVELY.  Again, it just keeps getting better!

Wednesday my dad has a sick day because after spending a weekend in western Kansas we all feel like death thanks to our allergies and sinuses being completely jacked to hell and back.  Dad attempts to fix the air issue.  But falls one bolt short.  The dealership wants $300.  Which means my husband can of course fix it cheaper.  It's a $30 part after all.  He's in Tennessee though...

Nobody wants to deal with warm air when it's 90 degrees outside.  So when my girl, Kara, comes over that evening she graciously drives our madness around.  ANOTHER car seat swap later... and we are headed to dinner and the most gorgeous sunflower field Kansas could ever produce.  It is the sunflower state and for good reason.  I'm pretty sure heaven looks something like this.

No flowers were actually eaten...

We took probably 500 pictures between 5 phones and 3 cameras.  So worth it.  The night isn't complete without a stop to a good Target.  After Kara leaves and the car seats are installed in my truck again... I try everything to get a certain 5 month old to sleep.  Just a few minutes shy of midnight she crashes, with my motivation.  I finally crawl into bed at like 1.

Only to be greeted by a 4:45 AM wake up call.  Time to head back to Tennessee.  Luckily the morning starts with 3 hours of sleeping babies but lots and lots of rain.  We just can't catch a break.  The ride is mostly smooth until after St. Louis when we leave behind the 70 degree weather for the 90 degree weather and those 2 vents can't make up for the other 4 vents anymore.  Time to strip the babies down and just haul ass.  By the time we pull in our driveway in Tennessee I am praising Jesus that is over with.

I swear to all things holy I will never ever ever go on a road trip without my husband again.

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  1. This sounds like a bit of a rough trip! I'm so sorry it was so rough on you. I'm sure your family was happy that you were able to make it to the wedding! After a trip like that, I don't blame you for never wanting to travel without the hubby again!

    xo Nicole

  2. GOD BLESS YOU FOR EVEN ATTEMPTING THE TRIP. Annabelle and I have done several solo trips now but it still makes me nervous every time. I doubt I'll have the guts to take multiple small children on a solo trip. I hate moving car seats with a passion. I would have been tempted to throw the seats away after all the switching. You earned yourself a cocktail, that's for sure.

  3. You are a rockstar for sure, I am sort of dreading my first solo trip with Emersyn.

  4. wow what an adventurous post .loved the each pic as well.you and your children are so pretty and cute ,wishing you a more happiness in life dear