One year at Fort Campbell.

Definitely not my picture... someone local here in Clarksville took this and I stole it.

Well it is September.  And this month we are signing a rental lease for another year in our house.  Which means we have officially been stationed at Fort Campbell for a year.

I can't say this is my favorite duty station.  Actually from the three places we have been stationed this one falls dead last (Fort Gordon and Fort Meade in the one and two spots respectively).  But I always try and make the best out of it even if we don't have many friends.

We definitely like that we are closer to family and friends.  6 hour to Rob's family and 8 to mine (not factoring in nursing/bathroom/fuel/get-me-out-of-this-truck stops).  Which makes 4 day weekends and holidays possible.

I like the house we rented.  It is not the newest or the fanciest.  It has its flaws.  But it was exactly what we needed coming from the house we had in Georgia.  It had another bedroom and another living area.  We are right in the middle of everything.  Making base close.  Downtown close.  The mall and Target close.  You know, the necessities.  And we like all of our neighbors, even if we don't have many interactions with them (however I am looking at you new neighbors with the yappy dogs... are the 10 pm bark sessions necessary?!).

I like that there is always something to do if you want to.  Granted, if it is free... you probably want to avoid it at all costs because everyone and their mom will be there.  BUT - Nashville is 45 minutes to an hour away.  So if you can't find something you like in Clarksville, you can drive just a bit and the opportunities are endless.

I mean I wish our Target was bigger and had a Starbucks. I wish that the weather wasn't so freaking humid.  And I wish this last year would have yielded more friends.  But for every negative, something positive has happened in our life here.

This is Rob's first duty station as a Warrant Officer, not in school.  This is the base I gave birth to our second sweet girl at.  This is the house we brought her home too.  This is the city we lived in when we added Diesel to our gang.

So cheers to the first year here.  Let's see what the future holds.

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  1. I look forward to see where you guys are stationed next!

  2. I wish we were at the same post because I need friends too! Hopefully you'll make more friends in this next year!