The unofficial end of summer.

Labor day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer.  The pools are drained.  The white clothing (is supposed to be) put away. And all things fall start to invade.


It ain't no secret that I'm not a summer girl.  But being a mom... I try and get out and make something of it.

This year I came across a toddler summer bucket list early in the season.  I knew not everything on the list would happen.  I mean we aren't really garden people.  But I knew a few things on the list would definitely be possible.

1. We visited the Farmer's Market.. but only once.  And I don't have any photographic evidence of it.  The girls mainly rode around in the stroller and looked.  In fact we didn't buy one thing.

2. Visit the splash pad.  You can read all about that fun adventure back in July here.

6. Play in our (plastic) pool. We've done this several times this summer, especially when friends are over.
Playing with Logan when they visited back in May.

9. Summer reading program.  We missed a bunch of the deadlines, but we went to several of the programs early in the summer.  Once things got hot it was a bit harder to get out of the house early in the morning to make it to the library in time.  Excuses, excuses, I know.  We will do better next summer when both girls can really earn the points.

13.  Swim at the lake "beach". While it wasn't a beach, Grace got to swim in the lake during our July 4th vacation to my parents lake house.

Swimming with Aunt Erin.

17. Watch fireworks.  And she experienced sparklers for the first time as well as poppers.

18. Play with bubbles.

Playing with Aunt Erin in the bubbles.

20. Strawberry picking.  This was early in the summer, technically before memorial day weekend when Rob's grandparents were still here visiting us.  We had tons of fun even though most of the strawberry picking was done by Rob and his grandfather.

This was back in May... and Grace looks so little compared to now.

22. Draw with chalk. We did this a lot early in the summer.  Of course, as the temps went up it was harder to justify sitting on the driveway to doodle.  As in.. there was no justification to sit on hot concrete.  So again, no pictures.

24. Go to the fair.  It was technically a festival but there was a petting zoo and a pony carousel.  So it was basically a fair.

25. Go on a road trip. Over July 4th and again over Labor day weekend.

I am hoping to get to 14 and 15 (a picnic and ice cream) as the temps start to cool a little bit.

So 11/25.  Not too shabby I guess.  I could have tried way harder.. but ya know, the heat and all.  Haha.

Here's to cooler temperatures and the bugs dying!

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  1. I am SO excited that summer is almost over!!!! It makes this girl happy too.

  2. You had a fun summer!

    Yes, I need the bugs to die!