In the span of three weeks.

Three weeks ago today we were able to share with you all the news that Rob was getting medically discharged from the Army.  We were entering another season of "hurry up and wait".  Anybody that has ever had to deal with the military knows how common this season is.

37 hours ago we were waiting... with no dates marked out on the calendar.  Then the phone rang and within the span of the last 36 hours - Rob got his final ETS orders and out-processed from Fort Campbell.

Today, my husband wore his uniform for the very last time.  I will wash and put away his uniform for good.  I will box up the t-shirts and long socks and celebrate never having to fold another shirt that sticks to itself (anyone else know what I'm talking about?!).  I will never be woken up at 5 am to help find a patrol cap or tell him where he last took his boots off at.  There will never be another mad dash to get PT clothing washed on a Sunday night.

This chapter is really coming to an end y'all.

We've got a matter of weeks left here in Clarksville.  Just waiting on the movers now.  I've got a last minute list of a handful of places I want to get to with the girls before we make our final trek to Kansas City.

But first we will celebrate Halloween.  One last time in this military town.  Officially a military family until terminal leave comes to an end in January... but already opening doors on this next chapter in life.

This is so surreal.  I never thought this day would ever get here.  And now here it is.

And I am ready, so ready.

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  1. Yes, we are in the hurry up and wait season too. I'm excited for your next chapter!

  2. Gosh it all happened so quickly! I am excited for you guys and this new adventure you are embarking on.

  3. Oh wow! How crazy. We'll be in this position in about 5 years and it'll be so weird! I hope you enjoy your next chapter in life.

  4. The washing the uniform for the last bit time made me tear up. And the sticky shirts I know all too well!

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