Halloween 2016.

A few days late on this because my husband has already headed off to our new home and I am sick... so we aren't getting very much accomplished around these parts.  Which is super fabulous when you are literally just waiting on the movers.

I say it every year that having kids during the holidays is the best thing ever.  But I so mean it.  Watching the excitement through their eyes is the best. thing. ever.

With Grace being two and a half this year she really understands what we are doing when we do it.  Which made the entire Halloween weekend so much more exciting.

My calendar was packed full of Halloween events out here in the town... but we only went to one.  Thank goodness because I've heard the ones we passed on were insanely chaotic and overwhelming with almost 3,000 people in attendance at one.  The event we did go to was perfectly calm.  The Easter event we went to at this same place was pretty crazy so I didn't know what to expect.  But it was perfect!  Trick or treating at the different booths set up for the craft fair.  A costume contest that Grace won first place in for her age group!  Horses from the local saddle club to pet and take pictures with.  It ended up being a warm day so we didn't stay long, but it was just the right amount of time.

We managed to get a chance to go on post (probably for our last military event...) and watch the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders perform a variety show.  Grace loved it!  And Brooke managed to sit quietly in my lap the whole time.  After we waited in line for the meet and greet part.  Of course my child lost her signed poster somewhere in the PX, but I have picture proof!!

On Monday after an early dinner out we headed home to change Gray real quick and head out.  Brooke was asleep after the excitement that was dinner so she stayed with Rob at the house in her car seat sleeping while he handed out candy.  I took Grace around the block and she LOVED it.  We worked on our manners and she was great about saying "thank you" every time but only said "treat" and it had to be pried out of her.

After handing out two big bags of 100 candy pieces we wrapped up and headed inside around 7:30.  But it was so worth it.  Even though we didn't paint pumpkins like I wanted or decorate outside.  Heck I bought the candy for the evening at about 2 Monday afternoon.  Couldn't plan much as I wasn't entirely sure we would even be in Clarksville for Halloween.  But for our last holiday here, we nailed it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween full of tons of good memories and lots of laughter.

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  1. They are seriously too cute!!!

  2. Your kiddos are just so darn cute! Also, I just found your blog, and my husband swooned over Kansas...he has this dream of being stationed at Fort Riley - just for the Chiefs ;)