Brooklyn | Eight Months

As I type this, we are closer to 9 months than 8 months.  Of course.  Basically the story of this blogs life.  A day late and a dollar short chronicling just about everything.

Our Brooklyn is EIGHT months old.  And such a fun, easy going baby.

Brooke's quirks this month...

.You finally got to the doctor for those 6 month shots, which you HATE.  You are getting long and lean like your sister... with a big ole head to boot.

.You are wearing size 3 diapers and still in 6 to 9 month / 9 month clothing.  At this point it is really whatever mommy can find clean and matching... we just go with it.

.You are a sitting champ now and don't particularly like sitting in the exersaucer or anything else mommy can contain you in.

.You FINALLY started accepting solid food right before you turned 8 months old.  You've tried bread and french fries at this point.

.You are currently sleeping in mommy and daddy's room in your pack and play because of the funny set up of our current home.  Downstairs, where your crib is, is FREEZING.  So we are all camped out together in the master.  Which is both good and bad as your naps are SERIOUSLY lacking these days but you are an arms reach away instead of a staircase away when you wake up.

.You nurse mainly in the morning, before your morning nap, before your afternoon nap and before bed.  Occasionally you wake up in the night and will only go to bed once you have gotten some milk.

.You were sick this month with your first ear infection.  Zero fun for mommy.

.You still have AMAZING thigh rolls.

.You no longer sport the static hair style, as your hair finally decided to completely lay flat.  So unless you just got a good nap in, it keeps to your head pretty well.

.You have this sweet little quirk, where you will babble right before you fall asleep.  It's a tactic to try and keep yourself awake, and mama loves it.

.You are still obsessed with daddy and sister.  They can do no wrong in your eyes.

.You don't really pay any mind to the dog.  Occasionally you reach out to him in an attempt to say hello.  But otherwise you both just do your own things.

.You are still so amazingly easy going with most things but you refuse to nap unless it is in a dark quiet bedroom or the truck.  Which is awesome when we are out and about doing things.

This year is FLYING by.  I thought it went fast with your sister, but Lord have mercy.  It is going ten times as fast with you.  I am trying to remember to sit down and take all of the small things in.  Which is sometimes much harder than it sounds.  Slow down baby love.

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