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Happy New Year friends!

Another holiday season has come and gone.  In our house Thanksgiving kind of marks the beginning of everything though.  We have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and then Grace's Birthday, Valentines Day, My birthday, Rob's birthday, Our anniversary, Diesel's birthday and Brooklyn's birthday at the end of March.  This is what I live for.

We were lucky enough to host our very first Thanksgiving with family (basically FOREVER ago).  My parents and sister are just a mere 30 minutes away from us so they came over for the day for a feast, an afternoon at the park and some football.  The weather was decent for Kansas in November and we all filled our bellies before walking over to the park to get some energy out while B napped at home with Rob.  Then one of my very best friends stopped by with her sweet family and nothing warms my heart like watching my girls play with my best friends kids.  Nothing.  So it was the most perfect welcome back to Kansas I could have ever asked for.

Also - we got our house set up in time, as promised.  Still patting myself on the back.

Somehow another month passed and then it was Christmas.  This year was so very special because Grace was much more invested into the activities and what we were up to day in and day out.  We got to spend another holiday with family.  Christmas Eve was the traditional gathering at my parents house.  We attempted to go to church.. but after pulling into the parking lot over a half hour early, there was literally nowhere to park and already standing room only.  So we headed home to get dinner cooked up and on the table.  After eating we opened presents from Gaga, Papa and Aunt Erin before calling it a night.  Christmas Day we were lucky enough to wake up in our own bed.  Something we pushed hard for this year.  By the time Grace had pulled herself out of bed my parents and sister were over for presents, breakfast and mass take two.  Fortunately our town is a little smaller, and a college town, so we had no problems getting a seat for Christmas Day mass.  After mass we ate breakfast and watched a movie.  The girls made out like bandits with their Christmas gifts.  Rob thoroughly enjoyed some online shopping for the girls and they are still waking up excited almost every morning.  And I am enjoying all the new baby clothes.  Definitely a mom thing to be excited for.

We welcomed the New Year at home.  After dinner out downtown with my parents and sister, my sister came back to our house for the night.  The girls were in heaven and they eventually crashed, not quite making it to 2017 awake.  Rob, Erin and I welcomed it with a toast and the awful-ness that was Mariah Carey.  I mean what was that y'all?  I can't say it was a wild party out... but somehow it was just right.

Our holidays are not quite over yet as we still get to celebrate with Rob's family as well as our close friends.  But it has been just right thus far.  And 2017?  Not too bad.  Although I can't really complain about 2016.  We brought home Brooke, added Diesel to the gang, got out of the Army and moved back to Kansas.  HELLO.  Who could complain about that?!

Here is to hoping that 2017 is everything everyone is hoping for, and more.

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  1. I am so glad that you have been able to spend so much time with family! I know you are loving that. Happy New Year! :)

  2. Hope your 2017 is awesome girl!!!