New year, new me?

It is all too cliche.  The new year comes around and everyone insists that this will be THEIR year.  They will change immensely and become the person they have longed to be.

After all, according to my Facebook 2016 was an especially rough year for everyone.  There can be no other way to go, but up.

January 1, 2017 dawned just as any other day.  Maybe the bags under my eyes were a bit bigger than normal after staying up to welcome the new year.  But it felt different in that it was a fresh start.  It is funny how a new year can make one feel that way.  Nothing really changes but the date, but a fresh world of possibilities opens up.

I'm not one to set resolutions, because I can almost never stick to them.  So I just wanted to do better this year.  Be a better mom and wife.  And above all, be better to myself.

So I've started a new routine of sorts.  Every night I reflect on the day and take note of two things I did that day that were for myself.  They have been as simple as taking an extra long hot shower.  Or as complicated as finally organizing the downstairs storage closet.  But I recognize two things, and I write it down in my planner (because I went back to a paper planner and life is GLORIOUS!).

I'm forced to focus on me at least once a day.  Just me.  I'm a mom first, a wife second and any time after that is for me... just me.

Here is just a small sampling of what I want to do this year... for me...

-Get back into practicing yoga regularly.  30 minutes makes me feel so much stronger and better.  Just 30 minutes.

-Go to the spa.

-Blog regularly.

-Write and send more letters and packages.

-Leave my kids more.  Time away is healthy for all of us.

-Maintain a clean and organized home.

-Get my hair trimmed more.

-Find a great new dentist and get my teeth cleaned.

I am about a week and a half into this trying to do things for myself bit and so far I've been able to do things no problem.

So 2017, what'chu got?

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  1. All great goals!! I hope 2017 treats your family so well!!

  2. I think these are all GREAT goals for making 2017 the best it possibly can be. <3

  3. These are all so great!!! :) Here is to an awesome 2017!

  4. these are great goals! Me time is so very important.