Make me pretty.

I am the definition of a stay-at-home mom.  Makeup is a special occasion, sweatpants are the uniform and somedays my contacts don't even reach my eyeballs.

But when I DO smear some gunk on it's typically only mascara, concealer and lipgloss.

So when my very best friend courtesy of the United States Army, Abigail, offered to send me some makeup goodies to try out from Younique, I was all like "suuuuuuure! But don't expect it to be all professional, because clearly I don't know all that much".

She sent anyway though, because again... best friend status.  So here is what showed up...

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

It took me two tries before I figured out what I was doing with this fancy stuff.  But the end results definitely give that va-va-voom effect you didn't know your eyelashes were in need of.  It was like I put on some false eyelashes... only I didn't, because clearly that would be a tapeable moment.  You put on one coat of transplanting gel, one coat of fibers and another coat of gel.  So all the hype stands up once you know what you are doing.

Royalty Detoxifying Mask

I'M IN LOVE.  Let me shout it from the rooftops.  All it takes is 5 minutes, several times a week... and your skin will feel divine.  Definitely going to keep this in my regular routine.  I've always struggled with large pores, so it's nice when something does some cleaning up and makes things smooth again.

Two of my best girl friends from my time in the military are Younique ladies.  For so long I've watched them do their thing and rock it.  Plus they can do some pretty amazing things with makeup and I am constantly in awe.  And now... I am clearly on the same level.  ;)

At the end of it I'm still Amanda, the stay-at-home mom.  I use mascara, concealer and lipgloss... but now I'm going to use Younique mascara when I want to feel like Amanda, the WOMAN.

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  1. I rarely wear makeup, with the exception of blush and mascara. I need to get better about at least taking care of my skin.