Summer Vibes

(This post has been sitting in draft for over 2 weeks... and I literally have no excuse for not publishing it.  We just got back from a week long vacation to the west coast last week... and life has just been crazy.)

It's supposed to be over 100 degrees here in Kansas this weekend... so summer has officially arrived.  This is where I would enter the face of a disgruntled emoji.  I don't like summer because you can only take so many layers off... before there is nothing else you can do but sweat.  And personally... I hate sweating.  So summer and I, we don't mix.

I'm not a very big pool person.  And it has to be under 85 for me to take the kids to the park during the day.  So where does that leave me?  Play dates, indoor activities and on the rare occasion... the lake.

Last weekend we made our first appearance of the summer at my parents lake house.  We opted to board Diesel for the weekend because Rob's grandparents were joining us.  He's still a wee bit over excited at times, so it helped us all enjoy the time just a little bit more, plus he came home Monday morning and snored snoozed the day away.  Which you will never find me complaining about.

We enjoyed great food, great company and had fun out on the water.  This time Grace was more enthused about swimming in the lake.  Opting to cling to a floaty with 75% of her body in the water.  Last summer she insisted on sitting fully on top of a floaty and hardly got wet.  So minus the fact the water was still relatively chilly with only a few days of 90 plus degree weather so far this summer, it was great to see her make progress.  In July, she starts swim lessons, and I can't wait to see her get even more comfortable at the lake.

Saturday night we hopped on down to the marina for their weekly dock party.  Live music and beer was enjoyed from my parents docked boat.  Grace fell asleep on the ride over and after a 4 hour afternoon nap Brooklyn kept herself entertained unloading bags and switching flips near the steering wheel.

Before heading out Sunday we attempted to go out one more time for some more tubing and swimming, but had to call it a day when the boat decided to be a diva and give my dad a run for his money.

Luckily this year we will be able to go down more often and make even more memories at the lake.  I, for one, can't wait.

But that's not the only good vibes we have been feeling so far this summer.

We also hosted our housewarming party.  I can't say enough how freaking thankful I am that we are this close to a good chunk of our friends and family.  We had a pretty good crowd make the drive to see our new place.  Plus we had some of our new neighbors stop in as well.  It was great getting to know them on a more personal level.  The next morning Rob, the girls and I slept until almost 11.  Which has NEVER happened.  Apparently it was needed.

We have also been working hard to settle further into our forever home and town.  We've attended local festivals, spent countless evenings downtown trying new restaurants (this town has the most AMAZING food), unpacked every last box and purchased the furniture to complete the spaces.  The girls and I have attended playdates and hosted playdates.  Most of my friends that have kids live hours or states away.  But this town is surprisingly great for young families... and I don't see there being any problem in that department.  I can honestly say I look forward to the years to come in this house, town and state.

With that I hear the pitter patter of my 3 year old STILL fighting sleep at almost 11 at night.  I can't promise I will pop back in here anytime soon.  Summer months are chalked full of activities and memories to be made.  Regardless of how hot it is outside.

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  1. You have been busy!!! We really need to get together!

  2. Hope your 4th was amazing girl!!

  3. So glad you had fun at the lake! Being closer to family is so nice. My family is from New York and we spent 6 months in Connecticut, about 2.5 hours from them. I loved being able to drive down on the weekends or even for just one night. Now we are about an 11 hour flight away so it's harder to see them, but I am so glad we had that time together!! Hope you get many more visits this summer!

  4. Sounds like you've had a great summer so far!